You Think? 1

The Start is the hardest,and it is just the way it is.

I have had a lot of people telling me that the start is figuring out what I like to do, for what I think I was (as inevitable as it might have been) born to do.I have been told to find a purpose,actually I have been told to find a purpose and a tool that are the same.

What do you want to become?
I want to become a writer
Why do you want to become a writer?
So I can Write

The sense of purpose that is now driving us, I think is taking us far,yes,but I for one, fail to see the logic behind glorifying the auto metre reading more than talking about where it took us.

I am being celebrated.
Should you be?
Of course I should be,I have made a difference.
A lot of people, and myself.
You think the people will now have changed?And have you?

I think the answer to that question would have to be the definite answer to your sense of purpose.Nothing will last forever, not even the change you have created. The question, I think is , what lasts more.The beautiful part about the 'Remembrance of a change' is that it destroys the very Change it once was.Evolution may then,be definetly be termed as a cosmic rule.So is then this sense of purpose so futile as I presently think it to be?Please tell me.

One might argue then, that Happiness is the answer, but a friend of mine may tell you that Happiness is just an other addiction.Then , Addiction would have to be the most powerful word. Hope,Love,Purpose,Faith,Life.Everthing seems to be one. Something We might have been just fine without,if never introduced to us.It is a scary thought.

I smoke
I never have
I am feeling just fine
I am feeling just fine too.

If yes, I guess then, Illusions really do form more of a reality,then reality itself. All structure , method and Purpose seems Sublime.
So do these words...

*What is truly liberating, is having a wiser friend.Even if he tells you liberty is just an illusion.*


I am stuck now, not in space but in mind.
The more I try to see ,write or think different ,the more I understand that I am walking circles, on a tight rope with jeering and laughter. Life has now, forever become a balancing act with mocks playing at the back of my head.

Anger never felt so pure.

Perceptions show me fools everywhere I look, breeding quite belligerently. Taking in the air and never letting out, just sucking it more and more. Brains imprisoned by borrowed thoughts,Reason left unanswered, Preachings never questioned.

Writings that do not teach.

Perceptions tell me they are mutual .

Maybe, understanding that I don’t seem to be going further is actually edging forward. The wall that blocks might just be showing me the two new directions. Maybe, Living might shine through existence if only I let go of the urge to. While the only reason I'd let go, would be the hope of not losing it.

Tight rope in Circles. Again.

Filled with irony , life is filling it back .Contrasts, now seem ,are meant to be together.

In me, your love shall live
And mine shall die
With a sigh, end to the night
when you wake up,to the hurt and sting
talk about a wanderer who walked
some glorious ways to shame.


The cold seeped in,and the angst fell away..

When you walk a long straight road in a storm,with a friend to taste the rain with,and thunders to be shouted upon by,You'll feel god smiling at you from under the street lamp.

'This is Purity'-A Bohemian.

That was Purity.

The Rain Tasted Sweet,better than almost anything I ever drank down.It wasnt a thirst quenched.It wasn't what life usually offers you when you strive real hard to offer something back.It wasn't just Contentment,wasn't more.Could never have been measured.Happiness.

It was time wanting to see me smile and space trying to join in.An Entire Universe felt in drops.Drops that followed and joined.Lived and Dreamt.Conquered and Knelt.

Paranoia washed down the slopes.Gravity,finally seemed to have worked.

The water gave away when i put my feet down.I shaped it.I Splashed it around.I made waves and drowned entire worlds,Worlds that made Survival feel like an Irony.Worlds with stiffling days and freezing nights.Worlds without long roads to walk by in a storm.

I wanted it to go on.Because i knew I would never be back..


With million dead,laughs
the rotting space
tired eyes dreamt, dim
your light,taken away
a life,blown hard on
the flame,to dance in pain

I restrain,
the urge to love
to hate,i find me
weak with pleasures,wrapped
tight under my stretched out arms
of grace.

smell rebellion
in,smokes of lazy content
hurting deep,the cigarette burn
of anger,the guarding angel
to sanity,impure
like the temple blood

write yourself
in a paper,crumple
the yearning,on the floor
dances madness,with maiden reason
trying to find,an extension of self
in the potrait drawn,of the dawn exposed
on a night that sings,of birth and end
in continuum.


The Pine needle rain was hurting him again,and it seemed like the night would not whisper console anymore..

Fourteen months,it had been.Fourteen months since the Captain was last sure about the weather,since the one steady brow on the glass eyed tube and a smoking pipe lied to him.Quite convincingly.Fourteeen months,he thinks it has been,since he tasted the ocean salt and heard the rotting wood gurgle away into the dark blue.

He had never learnt to write.A sailor never needed to.The only two names he had ever bothered with were his and his Captain's.Not because he had loved the captain,but because he wouldn't be a sailor without the Captain.It had come in to good use too.Everyday he would write his captain's name on the white sand and urge the sea to wash it away.Little by Little.Everyday he wished he wouldn't have to do that again.Every night he Wept....




The highest cave was his home.Hope greeted every new sun and stars twinkled despair all along.Leaves had covered his body well and the fish would roast quite perfectly.He had survived,he had learnt to survive here.He was a sailor.

Survival was his greatest fear....

The Green peak at the right end of the island was his heaven.He would talk to the rocks when he felt alone..

He could not remember if she worn red or blue at the harbour.He could not remember if she had brought the dog along.He could not remember about wether the wind had been playing the hair.He could not remember if the sun was setting an orange hue.All he could remember was the salty tearful kiss which told him all he to ever needed know,all he ever longed to know.That she would be waiting...and the good bye smile.

Sometimes,the clouds would mimic her face and he would talk about the many worlds he had seen.Sometimes she wouldn't be there,and he would bother the growing plants instead.Sometimes he would just stare.
Sometimes even the mist seemed sad.Marooned.

He would talk to the rocks when he felt alone.The Green peak at the right end of the island was his hell..


Kings of heavens and Hounds of hells,
I be greater than thee
For when I shall sit on that chair,dead
I shall be prayed and be set free

Rome had burnt for seven nights
And flames it kissed for six new suns
As when at night,I play my harp
my queen and I would Snigger and Wail
How could it be??

To rule like gods,to laugh like men
I shall carve Rome out of gold again
And when they see what i give
Songs would sing,Colours would paint
And Life Shall live,
My Dream

I Shall Play And I Shall Reap,
I Shall Kill And I Shall Weep,
My Feat Shall Be the Best there's been
My Beauty,My Divine,My Male Queen
We Shall be

Armors And hides And Hearts be drilled
If you would dare not see my Act
For I am Nero,The king of Arts
The King of World,A king insane
A man,An Artist,A God...


Some lines from the poem are a direct reference to the ancient Roman rituals.
The line "And when i shall sit on that chair,dead" refers to their ancient custom of propping a dead person up in a chair and conducting an eulogy.

Similarly,some other lines are also to be quite literally interpreted.Nero was supposedly quite mad at the end of his life(having murdered his wife,working as a theatre artist and imposing huge taxes to build an impossible dream,a new Rome)

The lines
"My Beauty,My Divine,My Male Queen" refers to a male fellow actor in his group whome he had made his queen(by cutting of the his sexual organ making him a Eunuch)after he killed his wife over a blurt.

Although Nero was one of the most preposterous kings to have ever been,the guy had a beautiful vision once"To make rome a Temple of rule it as its god."

A vision Insane,yet Beautiful...

What's it about?

In midst of all the eventual reciprocity called Life,what actually keeps us alive are few drops of the uncertain,unexplained and the not thought for.What is Abstract needs no reason to explain itself,and that would be experiencing true freedom.And is Beautiful.

I have always been telling people that Engineering is the most aweful thing that ever happened to me.I lie.I lie cause no truth would explain me better than the lie.In fact,it was best thing that happened to me.And will always stay Beautiful...

The manequin by the Women's wear had the most intriguiging expression.The air around smoked of Unanswered questions and waiting expectations.She Smiled,Earnestly,lifeless yet alive...

They play the game,they worship it.In Wishful hearts and Churning minds,they know they'll never die as long as it stays.It would always stay,until the next eternity.It wasn't just a game,wasn't even just life.It was Art...

Poetry is its own rhythm.Words would find their beats and lines would make tunes.Perfect Chaos and an Imperfect harmony would reflect an Aging sky and the Dying sun.If the end is ever to be declared,poetry would be perfect.

I seek thee in the heart of hills

I find your leftover green

I seek thee in the blowing air

I find you cant survive the winds

I seek thee in a laughter,loved

I see you've gone,long ago

And as i sing,of the treasure unfound

I see,

You(beauty) lie in your subtlety

Feed me My Suicide

Fires and Flies in love again
remind me of a darker room
where tube light moons shone through us
and days were lit by plastic suns

In beds that carved out morning lust
I feel your breath,it lingers still
I miss you now,for the dirty touch
Form upon me,my cactus dust

I'll show you now,the scheme of minds
help you find your troubling times
drink me down,I'll be your wine
and feed you to some demons divine

Help me find an end to it
play through all my cries again
Gasp me through the swims and glides
Smile,feed me my Suicide

It Was...

I'd first seen her at the dentists.I had Cussed with her at the dentist's.And i asked her to burn the stupid brown hat at the dentist's....The beginning.

I had followed her to the ferry.Hoboken to Paulus hook.I figured that for a person who'd wear a long skirt and a bucket cap,it had to be a sober ride.She noticed when she saw me again.We had just walked out of Dr.Stefen's clinic together.I smiled.She smiled back,and then looked out at the city.
She felt like good old times to look at,Black and White.

Eventually,I did get to talk to her.More Eventually still..We never stopped.

The ferry,the city,the doughnut,the game,the skies,the guy with the cat,the cat with the guy,the lives...Everything seemed to hold so much more when We talked about them.Everything seemed to have been filled up with stories.Stories that would twist,turn and End at the beginning of an other,and an other......A few times,they'd also end with she showing me the finger.

Every day,Somewhere between Hoboken and Hook was when I'd live a life.

The best thing about our new relation,was its lack of definition...I guess that was one of the reasons we never called each other anything.Something more affluent than friendship, less urgent than lust and more intimate than family.Love,was always,too strong a word...

It was the perfect careless gray painting...

The Terminus

Oh,come to me,your beautiful face
shall take me to the water
where i shall see and smile
at the terrible sins inside

Blue Moon Eclipse

The wind,the mare and the passing tree
whisper strange tales to me
of a night that comes and tickles the moss
and a firefly's love,to secrets untold

The room i sleep,that stands alone
sings to the thirsty skies,above
'throw in some light through the window
i'll muster up some dust
my love,lets cough up a rainbow'

Through twists and turns, my dark deeds flow
like a rampant river would
until they find,they miss their home
and the waiting sea is cold

Wars and rebels that i stumbled upon
are wars that bleed me still
but kings would die,and gods recall
that history would flicker between dead names

let me be the wind,one day
let me be the play
and when the light is hidden tonight
let me be the blue moon eclipse

The Wisdom of Death

The Mountains held the sun up high
It kissed the lake awake
Feathers of white an angel,spread
And filled up all my dreams

The look,The pray, The strange Attire
Kept me gazing along all morn
And then as sun rained down upon
Some Children young,were born

The first one sang,to a potrait alone
And asked her if she would be
The queen of greens,the lasting dust
The queen of all his melody
A Queen to never be...

The Second one travelled far and wide
And found his life in gold
He'd laugh along his men,aloud
With royalty behold!
A winter cold...

Then one next,would war a lot
A Sword would lift and fight,
The Gods in him would praise him well
And gift him ruthless pride
An Angry tide..

The sun when set,the angel smiled
He looked down as they died
All that was left was a melody,sad
with a Dying Winter's frozen tide
A Summer's cry...

The look,The pray,The strange attire
Had kept me gazing along
And when he smiled some nicer,still
was when I breathed my rest
With the Wisdom of Death..


Greyhounds hunt me on a cold wild night
As a Full Moon howls my name
The Clouds then covers and hides my deeds
While a spear thrusts through their mane

Dark those hands that i have played
But life played darker still
And While my time would eat away,
My soul,I'd forever kill...

The mite turn dust,and Ashes to rest
A heart that's made of wood
And When the fires would spit the hate
The Gods Shall have my blood to taste
Some blood to taste...

Crippled thoughts on crutches run
In a brain that is dead again
And through the haze and mist and rain
I ask for my Cocaine....

Youngistaan ka WOW!

If i was the game master,I'd ask Ranbir to get past this.....

I'll put him on the edge of a maze ,and i'd recite this poem..

Bolo kis mod pe pepsi pyas bujhaye?
puch lo rasta unse jo bete upar tumhare
Agar tumhe maloom pada hai pepsi ke tikhane ka
tho pahunch ke uttar par,pepsi le jaane ka...

The Ans.
tho pahunch ke UTTAR par,pepsi le jaane ka...

UTTAR-North :D
(yes,I know you guessed.)

puch lo rasta unse jo bete UPAR tumhare
the sun..the stars...

If its daylight,He can see that the sun is setting in a certain direction,and hence figure as to where North is...

If its night,All he needs to find is the North star :D

What do you guys think??Worthy enough for Youngistaan ka WOW!?


Mark Zuckerberg created facebook, Facebook created Farmville ,Farmville made Easter eggs,but i never got them :(

Youngistaan is definitely into Everything.From Politics to Reality tv.From Sports to Movies.From Indian premier league to the English premier League.

But one thing Almost every urban Youngistaani is onto.......Social Networking.

Facebook now gets you a)friend of the day b)lover of the day c)kisser of the day..... in the SAME day..That is Rapid progress,people!!Rapid.But the best part is...All of them are different people!!!
(This guy ended up kissing another guy called Ankit Bishwakarta :D)

Awesome huh!??Errr...umm...What about Stupid???Lame???No??

And then there are other applications.....'Hug me' 'Kiss me' 'Do me' etc...
The 'Comments' section can also be quite funny....Let me show you how..

Bavya adipo: Football!!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmmm

Zaib Slergoll:i like it bolke na bhavvu???..hehe
Bavya Adipo:hahahah ya zaibu.... but football is the only game wer ball is kicked rite ;)
Anant Kumaran:sometimes even da player falls while kickin it..............:P
Bavya Adipo:huh here comes the fact hahahhaha really good @ anand
Zaib Slergoll:hehehe ul kich me bhavvu?this much nly?
Bavya Adipo:no zaibu y il kick u re....gone mad....somethins r compared wid football zaibu
ZaibSlergoll:ohh lol..!!is it? like wat?
Anant Kumaran :even i am a lover of football..........i love manU.......THAT TOO ROONEY AND RONALDHO
Zaib Slergoll:haha itz ronaldo* hehe
Bavya Adipo:lol u guys.....
Anant Kumaran spellin mistake..lite le yaar
Zaib Slergoll:yess..!! :-)
Bavya Adipo:i wonder wat must be the plight of that ball after kickin it soo hurts dat ball alot i guess ;)
Please do savour every line...!

*Names Changed
(If any one of the above guys ever read this...My defence:I just couldn't help it :D)

Again,Youngistaan ka WOW!!

1)Now,If anyone at all can make sense out of this,I'll give half my fortune....A banana!!
2)And for all those people who chat their weight off..For Christ's Sakes, 'LOL' is not a word!!
Now,for the Youngistaan that DOES matters,I realise that there many many people out there who try and make the best possible use of the internet.

Blogging,Reading,Inventing,Aspiring,Inspiring (and Downloading.... :D)

I say this because our computers are a whole new world now,there are some who realise that this world can in some ways very effortlessly create a better world outside.

Its actually pretty cool to know that something I'd write can actually change an opinion,or atleast make people think.And i've always maintained that all we need to build a better world is to 'Think'.

.....And that better world can definitely come from Youngistaan!!

Gaana Aaye ya na Aaye Gaana Chahiye!!

If i Win the 'Blogger of the month' I Swear,I'll go have a bath!!

*Bows down

'Youngistaan'...I liked the term.It goes well with our country.Young Minds,Better Aspirations, Greater Visions and an Aerated drink!!Its awesome!!(Its us!)Its not sad if we think more about who Sania Mirza is gonna marry that about the 'Right to Education'.Definitely not sad if we do know who katreena kaif is NOT dating but have no clue as to who our Vice president is.So what??We're still youngistan!!

I do not want to talk Social today.I need to be a lot more sober for that :).So today,I'm talking Bollywood

Movies,Songs and Sheer Awesomeness (*Cough)

Song :Title track.

When i saw the movie,i knew what a production house would do of left over money.They make a ghost,an almost vulgar looking heroine and a really lousy actor...Oh wait,they also make the ghost sit on the actor's shoulder for the rest of his life(Do watch)

But what left me rolling on the floor laughing,was the title track.

Line 1:',click,click...'

LIne 2:Click....Click..Click,Click,Click..'

Line 3:Click....Click..Click,Click,Click...'

'WOW'!!!No wait...
'Youngistaan ka WOW'!

Song:Chiggy wiggy...and yes,the Title track.

Plainly, this was the most boring under water treasure hunt ever to be witnessed in all of human history.I was bored,and so were the sharks!!I wanted to know how much money fell into the sea...and so i asked yahoo.The best answer was..

"it sure to be in crores only.What with so many heavy wieghts acting in the film....It has to be 'heavy'..LOL'...."

The song starts with kylie minogue and she knows what she's doing.Almost an Aphrodisiac..

Akki bhai comes on and ruins everything.(*gropes his hair)Everything!!!I swear to god i almost cried when they said "It's Rehman".Yes,they did a punjabi with Snoop dogg.But minogue!!???

Akshay:Khatun ki khidmatmain khiladi ki hai kwaish
Katil ye aadayein katilana ye numaish

Kylie :I wanna Chiggy Wiggy with you boy

Just chiggy wiggy with you

Akshay :Tera husn rehamat ya ghazab

Tera ishq ibadat ya khata

Kylie :I wanna Chiggy Wiggy with you Boy

I wanna chiggy Wiggy with you Boy

Akshay :Tukahe tho yere sang Zindagi....

Now,I dont know about you guys but to me, Akshay clearly seems a little desperate.All kylie is asking is for a 'Chiggy Wiggy'...Why the hell is Promising her a life?!!!Reports tell us that Kylie got real scared and ran away..

"Just Chiggy,God damn it!!just chiggy wiggy!All I ever wanted was a chiggy wiggy"Says kylie.

The Title track just has a bunch of seemingly irrelevent lines ending with 'BULUEEE...'(Did not bother to check)

Youngistaan ka WOW!

Song:Title track.
I honestly cant say much about the movie.Not when the script has got the word 'Luck'...for about a hundred miliion times!!

A set of Sanjay's Dailogues from the movie

1)Chalo aaj mera luck aazma the hain.

2)Chalo aaj thumara luck aazma the hain.

3)chalo aaj humara luck aazma the hain.

The song Goes something like'aazma luck aazma'(bout 10 times in 12 lines)And some english lyrics.And then,I slept. :

There are a couple of other songs I'd like to mention...There's this one where the actors seem to in a very serious debate..One of them goes'Pyar impossible' ,The other says'It's possible hai yar'......"pyar impossible" , "Its possible hai yar"...."pyar impossible" , "its possible hai yar"......And they live happily ever after.And there's this one which hasnt bothered with words at all!!All you can hear is "peee pe pe pe, pe pe pe peee' Until you finally go deaf and smile at the beautiful privilage called Silence.Oh, the video's got Shahid kapoor acting Rabid(Almost)

Youngistaan ka WOW!

Shouldn't there be censor board to filter boredom???!!Youngistaan wants better!!

I cant deny the fact that one's in about an era,a legendary movie is born is bollywood.Movies like Rang de Basanti,Swades...Movies that make us want to be a part of the world they show .That Inspire,Instigate,Raise questions and Gift answers.There are songs in hindi cinema that i can listen to for a million times and ponder over for an other miliion..I cant say no to that either.

Any song from 'Rang de' can have me marvel at the lyrics...

"Abhi abhi hua yakeen,ki aag hai,

mujh main kahi

hui subha,main chal gaya

suraj ko main,nigal gaya"

Now,that's Rehman :D


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A Fool is someone who thinks they know better,and at this instant there are roughly about 6.5 billion on this planet.

The reason for me to say that is that I see the elements physical world and our minds conspiring against us.Almost all the Time...

Examples for the curious…

I was in the third standard when I was made a fool by my teacher.He had taught me the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’.Being the patriotic kid I was,I was quite proud of my country….and my teacher. Sheesh!!

If I am ever again to write a third grade test asking me to elaborate ‘Unity in Diversity’…I’d just say the phrase was a very sad prank.

Today,its just not these three words who try to laugh at my face.Its my Education itself.Robin williams once said that the entire point of Education was Free thinking.No wonder he was one of the funniest actors.

This phenomenon is probably where the laughter is the hardest.No matter how you look at it,You were a classic.
I was Sixteen years old when I thought I fell in love…And I wrote a poem….And now,I Laugh.I was the perfect fool…And I’m guessing,so were you ,once.

Being made a fool my time is something you cannot avoid,something that you cannot change,something you just cant help.Its a genie,but sometimes it just doesn’t like you.
The important part is that you have to remember to laugh along with the genie.That even though you are not alladin,You do have the honest monkey and the talking parrot as your best friends,and a princess(with an excellent fashion sense)as your lover.

You better be fooled by him,or you’ll find it hard to live.Cause when he said that the dawn would rise after the darkest hour,he didn’t mean he’ll shed light on a treasure chest.But the fact remains that its always nice to hope.

God also has a brother.His names Religion.And by the looks of it,he’s a real poltergeist.

This is the most dangerous of all.For once you are tricked by power,you lose yourself.

So I guess it just means that we’d gotta play by ,welcome and be wary of some who try to fool us.I do not deny that there are ocassional instances when all of them come into play together,In that case I’d just have to call you Tiger woods and tell you that you’re screwed.

Happy April fool's people!!

A fool I was,a fool will be
Till I find light and fight what I see
A fool shall fall,A fool shall bleed
The fool I see,in all of me

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I've always Maintained that the reason for by blog to be so devoid of happiness is that I'm never alone when I'm happy,but thats only half true...The other half reason is that i never thought i can do justice to the magnificence of the sun setting on a beach,that anyone can ever contain in words and lines,the feeling of elation you feel when you almost cry laughing with your friends,family...It is true that Words are definitely more Powerful than anything else known to mankind,But happiness, I think is Something much beyond Power....Something that can never be contained by Power alone....even Words.

And so you have to remember that I've felt pleasure way more than what i can ever tell you I've felt...

Happiness once was 4 friends,A Car
A song playing,And an orange sun racing me.
It once was a full moon and a soft breeze
Once a golden lamp lit temple
It once was all eternity..

When you realize that there couldn't be a better combination of time,space and matter...You'll feel god smiling upon you...A little happy and a little jealous...Cause at that instant,You're better off than he is.

I guess that is when you know that you are happy.Not when you feel that nothing can go wrong,but when you feel that nothing Is wrong.That life,as it is,is just perfect.


*Sometimes,Youngistaan is Grim,And then they write like this :)

As a Free thinker,i do not hesitate eating a piece of chocolate right off the floor!!!

It is as stupid as hell when your brains do not stop thinking about all the things that aren't worth the tiny little electric impulses.About all the things you need to forget majorly because you constantly remind yourself that you really have to.Frozen lakes,Falling snow,Singeing Embarrassments etc.I mean ,you really cannot do anything if you feel intimidated by a fifteen year old boy who has written an Excellent piece on Communism with Sarcasm at all the right places.It doesn't help that you know nothing about Communism except that it is somehow related to Russia and some other places famous for Cigars and cheap Cell phones...

Wiki helps....and not.

But intimidation is much better than shame.And if you guys need an elaboration on shame,Ask yourself these questions.

1)What part of the globe does New Zealand lie?
2)When was the last time you said 'horn rimmed' glasses had horns on the side?
3)When was the last time you stopped something wrong?

Don't worry much,most of us have similar answers to these.

Now,lets do the news.(To those who watch TG, I fashion myself to have Jeremy's wits)

1)The World has a universal hobby now.Social networking.
2)Osmania university student finds out setting a bus ablaze doesn't work,tries it on himself.
3)Tiger Woods apologises for having lots of sex,Wayne Bridge has none at all.
4)Rahul mahajan chooses a bride on national television,just to prove he aint gay.

Breaking news.
1)Commissioner's dog returns!
2)Aaj tak finds Ravan's mummy.

Yes, i know.Hail the Indian media!
Better yet,hail us!!(especially the educated lot)

You have to understand that what we have is just a mimic of what education really is....and a little longer yet,you cant wait to show that finger to the ass who teaches you about electrical machines.

The next time you have your status message as 'Fuck you,I dont care' Think again...Do we??

You think enough and realize,between all the Concoted truths and Deceitful dreams........You are,and are not,the center of the universe.

Flowers that i hate,have fully bloomed tonight
I realize I've lost and still, I fight
Darkness bleeds despair and a redemption dead
I seek my trust,in all the lies you've led.

My little dreams,
Be sang in hell,be sang in screams
My little dreams

Take back the City!

One long bus ride, i guess is all you need to realise a post about your city,would be perfect...!
Hyderabad-princely state people!!or maybe it once was...i don't think osman ali khan would have been too sad to let it go if he had lived another 40 years,or maybe it wasn't that 'princely' a state ever...

Prides-The city was mughal,and that part of it never changed.Never will, i think.
The Golconda fort(Never been there,cant tell you much)
The Charminar-(people here are very proud of it,guess they ought to be).Definitely a sad place.I'd rather have the fish fries there.'CAN DEFINE NEGLECTED'
The Salarjung museum-History,names,dates,famous people,famous paintings of famous people, their famous clothes,famous beds,famous pens,famous inks and so on.But yes, a lot to know,loads to understand and is full of boredom.'DEFINITELY A MUSEUM'
Hi tech city-Google,computers and fantastic buildings. 'CYBERBAD!!!'
and the new air port....this ones real sweet people!!

People-People here are just like they are everywhere else.They love T.V and hate sense.They stay up late nights only for exams or day night cricket matches,nothing else.And they love their home.They'll love you if you are one of them.They'll leave you alone if you are not.They'll kill you if you swear at them.

They aint good,they aint bad.They just people and most of them are lazy.or maybe lazy and determined.lazily determined...and so is the city.

The food-Hyderabadi chicken Biriyanis,fish fries,mutton chops(3 things you'll need to survive)'FINGER LICKIN GOOD!!'
Irani chai(i heard its nice,not much into teas n stuff)
The spirit-Sweet,Sad and extremely contagious.'ITS A CITY!!'
The place is something like host to a parasite.Millions of them!!(the people)and they prosper belligerently.

Substance-The twin cities,they confound us with very deceptive differences.Hyderabad is known for the grandeur and royalty and stupid funny hindi while sec bad is more like a cozy housing complex with a slightly better accent.But i think they share a common heart(just that the limbs aren't a team.)The place can turn out to be an absolute paradise for anyone,coz its got a huge range of everything.(from VIP lounges to slums,from bars to 'strictly' veg.restaurants,from people to gods...)

Character- I was sitting in this 'HUDA' park(they are common around here,not as much as 'HOT CHIPS' though) the other day, and i almost laughed out loud.

The sweet old place was lying to the people,to itself. It said "clean hyderabad,green hyderabad" and right there on the board was the result of some idiot not finding a spitoon."green hyd,clean hyd", was so sickeningly red now.The water was sparkling green as well.Sewage,garbage,pee,animal faeces,human faeces and a lot more i think.Trust me guys, this park was as green as it could get!!Almost every other place in hyd is like this park-Exasperatingly bad at lying..

Everyone there though,was in love with the place and the evening.Happy People,Dirty birds,Dead fish,Everyone!!

It was like they knew this place,accepted it and rejoiced in it. So i think its like this place which tells lies,lures people and then makes them love it.The traffic,the honks,the roads,the dirt,the smugness,the green water,the people....Anyone not from hyd would hate the place but everyone from hyd would love it(me be one,ma'am!).'BEWITCHING'

That evening, was spent in blissful laziness.


Speak to the morning now,shout to the rain
Taste some honey with the clouds up,gray
Talk to crows,and watch them say
'An ignorant life with a blissful pay'
And the games we play..

Thoughts that brains have not thought through
The time when spent wouldn't cost you?
A spark,an illusion,some magic true
With horses and Kings and Dragons,few
'Where heart's a fool,and mind astray'

Dance with the river,as history sings
Dance with the wind,the church bell rings
Dance with the joker,dance with the Ace
Dance like the daffodils,by the side of France
Dance your years away
'We dance our wisdom away'

A place we lead,A place we brought
Some kindness sold,some happiness bought
but the place we leave can never be
a place of peace,or summers green
'prayers,i was taught...'

The Laugh

She was doing it .She does that all the time...All the time.

She was laughing ,and every inch of my wasted heart wanted to sing to her,to tell her that i loved her.But i wouldnt.I swore to god that i'd not tell her that.

I did not tell her that i loved her when she left...

I searched for the needle.I had one,I had one all the time.I wouldnt ever be tricked by her again.Not when i am conscious.Not when my brain was still thinking.The Needle would save me .
The strap felt tighter.The arm was swelling, it was going blue and dried blood was waiting to be punctured .But Heroin is better than her.Less painful and faster.And it helps me tell her i Wait and Want,like a new born child....

The hall was lighted by a thousand candles.She was in my arms,swaying.Music and Magic intertwined with Love and Lust.I held her tighter still.Till i could feel every part of her,Touching,Teasing,Inviting.I could hear my heart pump a longing through my veins.A longing that drove intense heat all through my body,down to my toes and up to my fingers.It felt like her eyes were the only truthful things,that an only perfect World lay somewhere in them.Everything else was just an illusion,False.We kissed and the candles went out.

I was chasing her.And she was laughing.No,maybe i was laughing,maybe we both were.I caught her,there were marigolds all around us.And she was flying along with the butter flies .I was just looking at her.She seemed to have become an angel.She had a halo.A big golden halo....
She looked at me with that question again. I looked at her and i smiled.The garden was gone now,wind from the seas were singing about mermaids and dead love.I wanted to lie down on the sand with her,but she said she had to go.She said she wasn't mine now.She looked at me with that question again,smiling the saddest smile any god has ever witnessed.
And the room was full of them.Mirrors.And each of them was staring at me with the same question.

'I love you' i said to her Laughter again...and she stopped.


Happy New Year People!!

And i know its bite me!