Painted woods(part 1)-The bridge

The birds were singing again.I hate it when they mock me like that... and they knew exactly when to do it.

The bridge couldn not take my weight.I had always been someone whose new pants always got too tight after sometime.I always needed new pants.New pants made me look good.

And i thought'maybe if i try to cross the bridge,it wouldnt break at all...and even if it does,i dont think i'll get washed off by the river..i can swim'.i saw him walking towards me,the skinny guy...and i remember the trees dancing.Weird.Trees werent supposed to dance.I dint like him much and i dont know why i did'nt either.i was a 'liker'. I liked everything...everything that dint make me think.

He was something of what i wanted to be.Smart.Funny.... Yes,i hated him from the start. We talked,not about bridge.I think he did not want to talk about the bridge.We talked about the river,the pebbles,the fish,the lands,the trees and the plunge.He told me he needed new pants too,his seemed to grow too big for him every other fortnight.
Then,we looked at the bridge.He told me i should not get on it.He told me it'd just make things worse for people like him.I punched him,told him all that i can do right now was to let him go first.I could hear to the roaches now,and all those wierd six legged creatures heaven would not let in.Creepy.There was one on the ground,it came for judgement.I sent it down to the furnace.The skinny guy had stepped on the bridge.The wind was trying to throw him off his feet.I was tempted to go too.The river would like his meat....Maybe,it would be like two friends gone out for an evening swim.The night was irksome now.Painted ink blue.I just wanted to go to sleep.
She would be waiting for me on the other side.Naked.In front of the fire.....


I walked down a road today
knew i not,what ahead lay
it took me along,sung me a song
with flickering lights along the way...
I walked down a road today

Darkness set in a pleasure new born
Shadows lengthened as lights died out
I looked up,as stars whispered
And trees talked back,
A gentle breeze..
I walked down a road today

Small,cold houses queued up aside
Stories unbound with each little stride
I stopped and gazed
As lizrads ran up their walls
and flies sung love,to a lone lantern...
I walked down a road today

Water reached the end of land,
handsome murk it carried along
Stretched reflections of light shimmered
Calling out my name,
In a daze i jogged,in a dream i fell
Woke up,
And then walked away...
I walked down a road today

As i strutted,on my way back
was cut across by the black fur(ed) Cat
And night witnessed it say,
"It's good luck,today!!"
I laughed aloud,
Until the lights swayed back in
And sang,as i walked back
Into the oblivion....


*Sometimes,youngistaan is totally lost and confused,and so,We are..

Jim carrey once asked his diary...."Why do i fall in love with every other girl who looks at me?"...or something like that....I say 'Excellent Question!'


Know that sound you can hear after readin micro controllers for about 10 hours??As though someone jus set off a tuning fork in your brains.Thats exactly how i feel right now.I'm black,blank and totally confused.Guess i just feel myselves again


Random thoughts people!!I just cant seem to connect one with the other...Yes,Yes...Eben would make an excellent ZoZo.But still ..i feel like that little boy must have felt,when his mom first told him chocolates are bad for teeth.Confused again ...yes...


Its just like what that idiot must have said after makin the leanining tower of pisa.
I just cant get my head straight!!!!

I think i'll try some other time...Some other way...Some other drink....Some other girl..

Our sky so beautiful
the scent so sweet
your heart so tainted
and lies discreet

*Shrugs again

Adios Amigos!!

Yes..Yes...i know...i've watched happy feet :D