Speak to the morning now,shout to the rain
Taste some honey with the clouds up,gray
Talk to crows,and watch them say
'An ignorant life with a blissful pay'
And the games we play..

Thoughts that brains have not thought through
The time when spent wouldn't cost you?
A spark,an illusion,some magic true
With horses and Kings and Dragons,few
'Where heart's a fool,and mind astray'

Dance with the river,as history sings
Dance with the wind,the church bell rings
Dance with the joker,dance with the Ace
Dance like the daffodils,by the side of France
Dance your years away
'We dance our wisdom away'

A place we lead,A place we brought
Some kindness sold,some happiness bought
but the place we leave can never be
a place of peace,or summers green
'prayers,i was taught...'


  1. woaHHHH....u surprise me everytime!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow..thats good :) And the title is also so apt !:)