I've always Maintained that the reason for by blog to be so devoid of happiness is that I'm never alone when I'm happy,but thats only half true...The other half reason is that i never thought i can do justice to the magnificence of the sun setting on a beach,that anyone can ever contain in words and lines,the feeling of elation you feel when you almost cry laughing with your friends,family...It is true that Words are definitely more Powerful than anything else known to mankind,But happiness, I think is Something much beyond Power....Something that can never be contained by Power alone....even Words.

And so you have to remember that I've felt pleasure way more than what i can ever tell you I've felt...

Happiness once was 4 friends,A Car
A song playing,And an orange sun racing me.
It once was a full moon and a soft breeze
Once a golden lamp lit temple
It once was all eternity..

When you realize that there couldn't be a better combination of time,space and matter...You'll feel god smiling upon you...A little happy and a little jealous...Cause at that instant,You're better off than he is.

I guess that is when you know that you are happy.Not when you feel that nothing can go wrong,but when you feel that nothing Is wrong.That life,as it is,is just perfect.


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  2. Awesome post ya! Even I feel this way.. that you can't ever describe the joy that you truly feel. However much I try, I end up making a fool of myself!

  3. shows the deep down hidden rahul-corny n senti