It Was...

I'd first seen her at the dentists.I had Cussed with her at the dentist's.And i asked her to burn the stupid brown hat at the dentist's....The beginning.

I had followed her to the ferry.Hoboken to Paulus hook.I figured that for a person who'd wear a long skirt and a bucket cap,it had to be a sober ride.She noticed when she saw me again.We had just walked out of Dr.Stefen's clinic together.I smiled.She smiled back,and then looked out at the city.
She felt like good old times to look at,Black and White.

Eventually,I did get to talk to her.More Eventually still..We never stopped.

The ferry,the city,the doughnut,the game,the skies,the guy with the cat,the cat with the guy,the lives...Everything seemed to hold so much more when We talked about them.Everything seemed to have been filled up with stories.Stories that would twist,turn and End at the beginning of an other,and an other......A few times,they'd also end with she showing me the finger.

Every day,Somewhere between Hoboken and Hook was when I'd live a life.

The best thing about our new relation,was its lack of definition...I guess that was one of the reasons we never called each other anything.Something more affluent than friendship, less urgent than lust and more intimate than family.Love,was always,too strong a word...

It was the perfect careless gray painting...

The Terminus

Oh,come to me,your beautiful face
shall take me to the water
where i shall see and smile
at the terrible sins inside

Blue Moon Eclipse

The wind,the mare and the passing tree
whisper strange tales to me
of a night that comes and tickles the moss
and a firefly's love,to secrets untold

The room i sleep,that stands alone
sings to the thirsty skies,above
'throw in some light through the window
i'll muster up some dust
my love,lets cough up a rainbow'

Through twists and turns, my dark deeds flow
like a rampant river would
until they find,they miss their home
and the waiting sea is cold

Wars and rebels that i stumbled upon
are wars that bleed me still
but kings would die,and gods recall
that history would flicker between dead names

let me be the wind,one day
let me be the play
and when the light is hidden tonight
let me be the blue moon eclipse