Give me a pen

Give me a pen, and I shall write
about a million things and life
about incomplete friendships and
the magic of your smile
the twisting, turning tales
of time
of senseless poems 
and bewildering lines
of whiskey and cigarettes on a tall balcony
that made me king for the night
and childhood memories of innocent delights
about an inky blue ocean and starlit skies
Give me a pen, and I shall write
Or at least I’ll try


I looked at nothing today
And dreamt about a place
Where the wind rushes to your hair
Like a lover’s hand
And a Piano constantly plays,
to songs about a bridge
That lay over a river of silver blue
Breathing over her curves and drops
Never touching, never dropping
Waiting for her to blush

I dreamt of a place
Where words rebel against lines half meant
Take back their meanings, their homes inside our head
Make travels to our hearts
To light up smiles, skies
Where everyone knows
That words can make us wonder, hold hands
Swim oceans in a bottle onto washed up sands
Make beautiful things
In a world of gloom

I dreamt of a place where I was truly free
From mad men and their mad dreams
Where time did not dictate
My early or my late
Where morning suns are spent chasing hills
And nightly skies unfold a play
So beautiful and dark,
That a wonder always lasts
way past the worlds of waking curtains
I looked at nothing today
And dreamt about a place
Maybe far far away