Many Whole Caboodles

There are universes we live in
One yours and the other mine
You will never know the music here
And I can never complete your rhyme

Times we share,
But heads we keep. Selfish

So here we go our separate ways,
In and out of the worlds we rake
Friends once, strangers in make
Awkward scenes in pitiful takes

But this is just a small little part
For there will be
Other million caboodles on a summer plane
Of what is to be, to do, to see
to sigh with, to pleasure with a smiling plea
There, I shall see you again.

The Language and I

We were close, once
The Language and I
I was her lover
And she was my pride
Now we sit here
In a room from yesterday
The air still smells of words exclaimed
And the cold fire sheds dismay
She doesn't talk to me any more
Clenching to the fray
Doesn't whisper secrets
Doesn't hold my gaze
And someday soon from now
She shall leave
And all I’ll have to hold
would be the reminisce
of a beautiful day
But what I fear the most,
Is that I may not care.