You Think? 1

The Start is the hardest,and it is just the way it is.

I have had a lot of people telling me that the start is figuring out what I like to do, for what I think I was (as inevitable as it might have been) born to do.I have been told to find a purpose,actually I have been told to find a purpose and a tool that are the same.

What do you want to become?
I want to become a writer
Why do you want to become a writer?
So I can Write

The sense of purpose that is now driving us, I think is taking us far,yes,but I for one, fail to see the logic behind glorifying the auto metre reading more than talking about where it took us.

I am being celebrated.
Should you be?
Of course I should be,I have made a difference.
A lot of people, and myself.
You think the people will now have changed?And have you?

I think the answer to that question would have to be the definite answer to your sense of purpose.Nothing will last forever, not even the change you have created. The question, I think is , what lasts more.The beautiful part about the 'Remembrance of a change' is that it destroys the very Change it once was.Evolution may then,be definetly be termed as a cosmic rule.So is then this sense of purpose so futile as I presently think it to be?Please tell me.

One might argue then, that Happiness is the answer, but a friend of mine may tell you that Happiness is just an other addiction.Then , Addiction would have to be the most powerful word. Hope,Love,Purpose,Faith,Life.Everthing seems to be one. Something We might have been just fine without,if never introduced to us.It is a scary thought.

I smoke
I never have
I am feeling just fine
I am feeling just fine too.

If yes, I guess then, Illusions really do form more of a reality,then reality itself. All structure , method and Purpose seems Sublime.
So do these words...

*What is truly liberating, is having a wiser friend.Even if he tells you liberty is just an illusion.*


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  2. Hmm.....amazing dude....Kabhi bola hi nahin apna blog ke bare main

    Nithin here....Remember :? :)

  3. I might partially agree with the ideology displayed here but discovering oneself and laying bare the inner recesses of the mind ain't be that cynical, yeah? And there being no Ultimate Truth helps; nobody knows the unknown, of what could come a light year from now. Hence, if one is capable of bringing in a constructive 'change' then maybe, the trial is worth it, without perpetual speculations of an unfolded future.

  4. Cynical?I am quite sarcastic bout most of the thing I write about, but this time, no.

    These are plain sentences,asking to be debated upon, even refuted.
    and never did i say the 'change' was what i had a problem with. I stated that the 'sense of purpose' was what i couldn undersatnd.