There are days when everything goes haywire, and things spin utterly out of control. And then sometimes,You go haywire and spin utterly out of control.But then there is the one time when you almost steal a rickshaw, set your sink on fire and short circuit an entire boys hostel.

Yes, these are the times when you give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yar, Aap main aur ............. '

The day started as any other would in a hostel , at around one in the afternoon, and was planned to the T. And then someone said alcohol, girls and some place one would find both.
Cut to 11 in the night: 4 guys sitting in a pub and trying to figure out if they really did drink as much as the bill said they did. And then it began...

In Pune, if you tell the auto guys that you want to reach a particular institute before midnight, they assume you are one of those 'My dad is an ATM' kids and very pleasantly charge about twice the rate. They tell us they have no choice,really.And they like raw tobacco. So when this guy had to stop for a couple of minutes to buy the needful, a good friend decided we didn't need him anymore. That we can drive the goddamn auto ourselves.

Guy 1: Saala bhen*%#$ , kahan mara raha hai
Guy 2 : tambacu kharid raha hai be
Guy 3: toh hum kya kar rahe hai, baarah se pehle paunchna hai!
Guy 4: Chal fir, chalte hai

*gets off
*gets on in the front
*starts the thing and woah!

Guy4(laughing) :abe ye tho scooter jaisa hai.

Auto guy(running) : Ruko! Ruko!

Guy3: Oi! ruk saale piche bhaag raha wo
Guy4: Saale abhi toh ro raha tha hostel jaana hai!

Guys 1, 2 &3 start tugging at 4. and he finally decides he didn't like the Auto.

Auto guy(after about 100 feet from the shop and a couple of minutes of panting) :Kya bhaiya , aap log?!

Guy2: Sorry bhaiya, piya hua hai. Paagal hai.

Half hour later in the hostel room*

Guy1 to Guy4: abe muje sona nahi hai, tu bhi mat so.
Guy4: Abe nikalo isko bahar!
Guy 3(abruptly): Acha , hookah pada hai?


Guy2: Coal kaise jalaenge?
Guy1: Mere pass idea hai!!

The next day all of us really wished guy 3 had let 1and 4 go on with our conversation. Hua ye...

2: abe bhen*#%$, paper kyu nikal raha hai?
1:coal jaalane
2:Isme kaise jallega
1:It's a simple three step process

1:step one, take coal
*takes coal
1:step two, put coal in paper
*puts coal in paper
1:set paper on fire
*sets paper on fire

2:Abe paagal hai kya?Kya kar raha hai?
1:Haath jal raha saale!haath jal raha hai!

*runs around the room, finds the sink, dumps the whole thing in it

3(lookin at the fire):abe ye kya hai?
2:**&^$##!, aag jal rahi hai, dikh nahi raha?
2 to 1:abe bahar kyu nahi leke gaya?!
4(Comes in running): Abe ye kya hai?

And now comes into the scene, guy5 (Guy2's roommate), a guy who(by of the youth of this progressing nation) would be described as ' always stoned'

5:dhua kaha se aa raha hai?!
4: 1 ne room ko aag laga di
5: abe us ********* ko aane kisne diya mere room main.saala hamesha ********* karta hai!
5 to 1: abe oo ******, kya soch raha tha?

1 panics and pours in the first liquid he could find into the fire.Half a bottle of Coconut oil.

by this time, the fire had almost reached half the distance to the ceiling and had gone off, turning the white sink into the exact opposite of it's former color.

5 to 1: saaf , karke jaana
1(sighs): teek hai .

5 returns to his bed and decides he'd like some alcohol. Gets some and pours it in a glass



3:Yar, rum hai? whiskey jaati nahi hai.

We really don't remember how long we did the peena for, the next thing was all of us getting up coughing.

3:ab kya jal raha hai?
2:meri Kotler!
3:saalo tum log wapas coal jalaa rahe ho?!

*1,2,3,4 put out the flame and go back to sleep. 5 couldn't be bothered again

What really happened though was, a glass of whiskey that was left alone had some how found its way from the table to the ground, and on the ground was an extension board which sparked up and said hello to the Kotler(also on the ground).

The next day we found out that at around the same time that we saved the Kotler. All the lights in the hostel had gone off. No one to this day knows why....

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There are roles played to me
by them , I call my friends as are
And yet, there is an act , a say
That no one seems for me, to play.

I seem not able to read it in words, learnt
Nor find it counsel seeked
It seems to have walked away just
From drunken mirth, and calming love

I am failing, falling
under the beautiful blue today
Sailing skywards at a promise made
by the tempting moon, and the treacherous wind.

And still, at the end
I hope to find, what I was looking for
Though I know not of its color
Though I know not of its place

There are roles played to me
by them , I call my friends as are
And yet, there is an act , a say
That no one seems for me, to play.

Call me your Leader

I'll take you there, follow blind
To a place unknown, just fall behind
Call me your leader, come tread along
I'll steal your mind and sing you a song

Call me your Leader, just fall behind

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And now, that I go

And now, that I go
I have nothing to give
Nothing to share, to hold
but some beads of light, some sky blue
Few beautiful sighs for the morning dew
Some stories for the night, and ghosts that flew
Those befriended lies and a pacified rue.

And now, that I go
I have nothing to give
except all poetry, that I leave for you.

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The Confused sort

Flying with the clouds
on a high that is bound to stay
for a fear that shouts betray
and a lady friend of mine.

Lurking in the shadows
with devils on the alley way
deep within a single fray
of the shrewd black inside my mind

Flowing like the blues do
of the ocean, of the music
in an old and the new hit
growing in and out of love

Close up like a fist does
on a ring for my mistress
where I am the only one to stand
and fall again

Flying with the clouds
on a high that is bound to stay


Just like every other loyal Indian this moment who is sad about the bomb blasts, I use the Social Networking platform to express empathy and blame our government for it!


The Nation of the Mahatma, has finally awakened,again. So for the next few weeks we are all going to change our face book statuses to 'Lets hang Kasab!'.


I agree, that the guy deserves hell, he came into my country and he killed my people, he deserves hell, yes. I also agree that we do not send out strong signals as a country when we seem to have done nothing but feed him for quite some time now.
But then, I have to ask you this , How are you sure killing Kasab would have in any way better-ed what happened?
I may be a little too harsh when I say this, but it just sounds like we just want to kill someone, cause we could not save the ones we loved.Someone bad, yes, but point here is that we want to kill.Isn't that what he did?

I had heard this term somewhere,'Evolved Response'. What would that be?

And for all those people who have started writing letters to Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and all of those who were supposed to have saved us, I ask, 'Did you Vote?'
And for those who cannot understand the relevance, you really do not deserve to.

I friend recently quoted "His head is purely for cosmetic reasons". I'd agree to this If he'd have pointed at most of us.

Before I go on and lose reason for this post, what I am trying to tell you or thinking about is that, wouldn't it be a better world if all of us did what we could have?
Know,Educate, Create and Think.

Shouldn't India Help India?

Basic, right?I believe this means a better world for tomorrow.Give it a try?

You might say I have lost my mind, that I am living in a fantasy world with no sense of actuality, some of you might also think that I am not a good enough citizen. I cannot in any way, prove to you that I care.Sorry.

On a lighter note, lets do the news

1)This has been the longest I have attended the gym without a break.Two days!
2)Idiopathic is not Idiot+ Pathic
3)The real reason for the mirrors in the gym are so that you can laugh at all those expressions you make while lifting Weights.
4)We won a football game! (The captain let me play for two minutes)
5)I have to pass time, I be back to blogging again!

Breaking News(The ones that really matter)

1)Indira Gandhi once mistook 'Haathi' for 'Haath'.
2)Eva Longoria is doing a Lesbian love making scene.
3)Any girl I want to ask out would never say yes if she'd notice my nose.

Thank you for the read people. You guys have been really good .And Jobless :D

The Wedding Red

And in red that I see you now
I shall hope you stay
I shall wish you wane
In the red that I bled today

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The meaning of Peace

There are a few places that smiled by and stood aside as the world around them raced to become all important centres of human civilisation , not because they couldn't but simply cause they were wise enough to not.

One of them is my native town, Thalora.
It is.I hope will always be,a place with moss covered walls that tell you that is the only way they can stand.
With roads that wind up and down a hill , convincing it that it has not been tamed , just adorned with.A Place with whispering trees and singing insects, where nothing can be ugly,and nothing can produce anger, while beauty and peace canvas everything there is and ever will be.
Like wisdom over wrinkles.

With little known Ancient temples that were made when man still had ample time and acumen to build the divine, dress it and present it to the gods as homes. Legends and myths sculpted into walls and entire eternties, as paintings and word take back their true meaning and stature.Ponds from waters of a holy river a thousand miles away and a giant tree just as old as the skies.
A Place where reverance is not demanded, but is fully understood.

Where sunsets on the hills make you realise that you are witnessing something that nature wants to show off, that this was where god stood and pondered, and all poetry was born.

I have my home here
Under the stars and among these trees
Singing a thousand songs as the crickets please
Smelling the rain, with winds to talk
Rivers and sands with gods to walk
As drama unfolds in a second , by the hour
I wish I could play, but a small little part
Ponder at the twinkle, the firefly's beating heart
Glad I am, at peace I shall be
I have a home here
And I wish I'd never leave

Where the best thing that can happen to you is a power cut along with the night sky.

I, Different

I have seen your world, your Justices and more

let mine be different

for as clever and strong

your truths may seem

they are all but lines to me

Some tested, some not yet learnt.

I've lived my life

and I shall live

the way I chose to breath

and as you find me

weak and dull, I bid you well

and ask you to leave

My centre is me.

For you can say that I was right

you can say that I'll be wrong

that I was bad or high or low

but never do think

I'll let you stand

Judge for me to be

I shall make my own mistakes

Even as I see you frown

As long as I fight, As long as I'll sheild

I'll feel some truths and etch some lies

and you,sadly

will be there and still not see

that I was strong,but

weaker than you think


In good old times, I used to not work as much.

The office is killing me again , feeding me to people, google and immense boredom, and while the whole world seems to enjoy gauding on a bearded man's death, I am trying to write funny whilst wondering wether I can dig my nose and be let off. The sneeze would be worth it.

Meanwhile, life continues to teach me newer things.Things that tell me that the rain god and the traffic god are the best of friends, inseperable.That you do not go near an elephant and make loud noises and that drama in the movies means much more that they ever can out of the 21 inch screen.

I mean, A hill top beer date or a letter could actually mean very little for people who swear by romance.The simple fact is, drama ceases to exist in the world that follows physics.Even if you download her favourite song and make your phone sing it while the beer happens.

I agree to the possibility that drama might not come to those who'd want to go out with four girls at one time, more so if the girls know it.But you simply cannot deny the fact that background music and a mosquito free hill serve a good purpose.

It Never ever comes to those thought to be kids. Drama, like marriage, seems to happen only to the old and stupid enough.

And when the Universe talks to me , I should share

1)People who are trying to count the number of Vegetarians and Meat eaters on facebook are on a truly noble mission.They make people like me feel good about ourselves.
2)If you are a thin person, you should really not call a fat person fat.

3)If you are one of those people who work at a Public Relation firm, you are probably really bad at everything else.And this too.

4)I am a kid.I am Calvin.

For all those who think that means I'm not mature enough for a human.Up Yours.

And for the rest of you who were bored enough to read.Much Obliged.

The Point?

It looks like India has has finally awakened,like the days of corruption are over, like dishonest people will finally pay up and all that money will go back to those who earned it, like a 'One lakh' car is going to drive straight into our hearts, like all the cute dogs on our roads will find generous homes.

It is a truly colorful picture. Or is it?

If you ask me, it is not India, it is only facebook, that has awakened.

People asking each other to join the force that fights corruption. 'Notes' that explain who Anna Hazare is, his vision, his greatness. People 'tagged' in badges that say 'No corruption'.People putting up pictures of candle lit parks.
We the People,who gift cops with a 100 rupee note every time they catch us without a license.Still plan to.

Don't you think that a point is missed?Totally?

Yea well,I guess you should just ignore me .

When India beat Australia , I was happy , when they beat Pakistan, I was overjoyed , and when we won against Sri Lanka,I was a World Champion. Nothing can ever beat that feeling.
People Likewise felt happy too,and hence I got a lot of happy messages. Messages that said we beat 'the Whites', 'the terrorists' , and 'Sita's kidnappers'.

It was a fun message! oh lord! so much fun.

That week I read about 4 people calling Pakistani's 'fucking terrorists'.Four minds prejudiced to hate a nation beyond all doubt. Good?

The whole point of a sport, any sport ,I think, is to leave differences behind, to enjoy being stripped of all those layers you'd have had to wear as you grow up. To just be you and enjoy the game. Ironically , I see now , The love for the game has a lot to do with the hate for the an other player.

4 People! And inexplicable hate.

Yup, maybe I need to lighten up a little. You think?

There was a time when I thought the Education system was the one thing we needed to change, but now I see, that education might not be the point missed. Humanity, might be.
The disturbing fact is, We have no idea what to do.

There are some people I know though, who fight in their own ways. Rachel Daniels would not use plastic even if it came with a 'Calvin and Hobbes' poster, Snigdha Kapoor would not litter for free coffees in Costa, Chaitanya Challa Ravindranath wants to open up a school , even though he knows he'd end up scaring half the kids to death. Abhijeeth Hanumandala would want the best for people around him, except when they steal his food.

These are the people I want to fight the bad things with.

The line from the ' Rang De Basanti' song goes

' Jo ban sake tu humsafar mera, Nazar mila zara'. Think.

Anna Hazare's cause, I know , is a noble one, but are we good enough to voice it, is what I ask.Do you deserve to fight for it? or do you, at the very least , even desreve all that virtual applause on a social networking site?

Have you done anything worth?At all?

When, once, you dont bribe that cop, let me know , I shall respect you. and Listen.


Will you or Will you not
Sing a song Along
With lines of Pity and Pain
Paint lighthouses that mourn
Dead waves against a rock

Will you now, dance with me
In Memories of a candle lit hall
Till the night grows old
and Owls come stare
At a romance long gone

Will you come, to laugh and mock
At the moon I gave you
And be torn by wolves seeking revenge
for the stolen white orb
Of dreams, that made them howl

Will you come now, again
to Come fill Reason into lines
These that the world will find Insane
Unless you smile and kill me again
Will you come, Sweet maiden mine.

Don't you come now
Now in love with the fray
I'll let myself walk away
Holding cold winter Nights
That befriend longer than Summer Light.

The Best?

The one sad thing about being Inspired is the need for approval.

The reason , I realise, did not have anything to do with not being good enough, but that it was not good enough for someone else.If you think about it, I guess you'll find it quite stupid a reason too.For someone who was proud of the fact that they think on their own , the want for acknowledgement can become a thing of shame.It has now.

I do understand that a genius wants all his work to be the best there was, and the fact that everyone aspires to be one.The one thing though, that I don't think is justified is not applying that genious , becuase you think it not to be the best. Today's world can use a one or two of the 'Almost Geniuses'

Changing opinions is a great responsibilty, and in a perfect world , they always change for the better.Fortunately,we don't live in one. And hence, should not shirk from trying .

Green Trees In Autumn.

After the poem I told my phone friend that ‘it isn’t about being honest anymore, it is about being clever’.

How wrong I was.

Being clever, I did write something that some people thought was really spectacular, but a friend who mattered a lot more ridiculed it, tore it down, spat at it. He asked me if there was a single line in the poem that was honest (quite honestly, I thought there might be one in the sixteen)but there wasn’t. He was the only person who saw through.

Any wonder he mattered more?

I saw now that the joy in writing comes from not words, but emotions. That the moment, you try to duplicate a feeling or create one, you make it much lesser an expression. That the glory doesn’t lie in belligerent praise, but in apt justification of the endeavour.

I see that there is absolutely no point in trying to express something I did not feel.I am sorry I tried.

If you are not true to the one thing that makes you, you lose it. Not to never come back again, but to just not be there then, as you try and try to be what you were.

Like green trees in autumn.

This Letter I write to you,my love

This letter I write to you, my love

My heart , My dreams , My beautiful word

These lines I feel are you, my love

My stake , My death , My Sinful mirth

These things I’d get for you my love

The stars, the rains, the evening sun

These things I’ll share with you love

A start, an end and a backward run

In Times I lived for you my love

I laughed , I danced , I breathed my best

For Times In you I lived my love

I hurt and fled, my friend of trust

So now I say this, my love

I love you still, I’ll love you just

For love you say I mean, my love

I love you still, I love you must


Hour,Another sleep me strong
The intent from my thoughts have all worn
I pray all day but never see
What I've been doing
has been done to me.