What's it about?

In midst of all the eventual reciprocity called Life,what actually keeps us alive are few drops of the uncertain,unexplained and the not thought for.What is Abstract needs no reason to explain itself,and that would be experiencing true freedom.And is Beautiful.

I have always been telling people that Engineering is the most aweful thing that ever happened to me.I lie.I lie cause no truth would explain me better than the lie.In fact,it was best thing that happened to me.And will always stay Beautiful...

The manequin by the Women's wear had the most intriguiging expression.The air around smoked of Unanswered questions and waiting expectations.She Smiled,Earnestly,lifeless yet alive...

They play the game,they worship it.In Wishful hearts and Churning minds,they know they'll never die as long as it stays.It would always stay,until the next eternity.It wasn't just a game,wasn't even just life.It was Art...

Poetry is its own rhythm.Words would find their beats and lines would make tunes.Perfect Chaos and an Imperfect harmony would reflect an Aging sky and the Dying sun.If the end is ever to be declared,poetry would be perfect.

I seek thee in the heart of hills

I find your leftover green

I seek thee in the blowing air

I find you cant survive the winds

I seek thee in a laughter,loved

I see you've gone,long ago

And as i sing,of the treasure unfound

I see,

You(beauty) lie in your subtlety


  1. wonderful!!!! bahot dino ke baad itna acha likha...:)

  2. omg...when did you write this...how did i miss this...its very nice...:)