I am stuck now, not in space but in mind.
The more I try to see ,write or think different ,the more I understand that I am walking circles, on a tight rope with jeering and laughter. Life has now, forever become a balancing act with mocks playing at the back of my head.

Anger never felt so pure.

Perceptions show me fools everywhere I look, breeding quite belligerently. Taking in the air and never letting out, just sucking it more and more. Brains imprisoned by borrowed thoughts,Reason left unanswered, Preachings never questioned.

Writings that do not teach.

Perceptions tell me they are mutual .

Maybe, understanding that I don’t seem to be going further is actually edging forward. The wall that blocks might just be showing me the two new directions. Maybe, Living might shine through existence if only I let go of the urge to. While the only reason I'd let go, would be the hope of not losing it.

Tight rope in Circles. Again.

Filled with irony , life is filling it back .Contrasts, now seem ,are meant to be together.

In me, your love shall live
And mine shall die
With a sigh, end to the night
when you wake up,to the hurt and sting
talk about a wanderer who walked
some glorious ways to shame.


  1. With your post,I can assume something.Maybe I am wrong but this quote will do
    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

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  2. i want some happy is beautiful!!

  3. rahul how u do it.. your words bringing out my feelings.. i so much aligned with your sayings, it looks just reading my thoughts.. Thanks..

  4. Very well written - the confusion and clarity is apparent - it is the hallmark of a creative or restless mind trapped in mundane tasks. Keep it up.