The Point?

It looks like India has has finally awakened,like the days of corruption are over, like dishonest people will finally pay up and all that money will go back to those who earned it, like a 'One lakh' car is going to drive straight into our hearts, like all the cute dogs on our roads will find generous homes.

It is a truly colorful picture. Or is it?

If you ask me, it is not India, it is only facebook, that has awakened.

People asking each other to join the force that fights corruption. 'Notes' that explain who Anna Hazare is, his vision, his greatness. People 'tagged' in badges that say 'No corruption'.People putting up pictures of candle lit parks.
We the People,who gift cops with a 100 rupee note every time they catch us without a license.Still plan to.

Don't you think that a point is missed?Totally?

Yea well,I guess you should just ignore me .

When India beat Australia , I was happy , when they beat Pakistan, I was overjoyed , and when we won against Sri Lanka,I was a World Champion. Nothing can ever beat that feeling.
People Likewise felt happy too,and hence I got a lot of happy messages. Messages that said we beat 'the Whites', 'the terrorists' , and 'Sita's kidnappers'.

It was a fun message! oh lord! so much fun.

That week I read about 4 people calling Pakistani's 'fucking terrorists'.Four minds prejudiced to hate a nation beyond all doubt. Good?

The whole point of a sport, any sport ,I think, is to leave differences behind, to enjoy being stripped of all those layers you'd have had to wear as you grow up. To just be you and enjoy the game. Ironically , I see now , The love for the game has a lot to do with the hate for the an other player.

4 People! And inexplicable hate.

Yup, maybe I need to lighten up a little. You think?

There was a time when I thought the Education system was the one thing we needed to change, but now I see, that education might not be the point missed. Humanity, might be.
The disturbing fact is, We have no idea what to do.

There are some people I know though, who fight in their own ways. Rachel Daniels would not use plastic even if it came with a 'Calvin and Hobbes' poster, Snigdha Kapoor would not litter for free coffees in Costa, Chaitanya Challa Ravindranath wants to open up a school , even though he knows he'd end up scaring half the kids to death. Abhijeeth Hanumandala would want the best for people around him, except when they steal his food.

These are the people I want to fight the bad things with.

The line from the ' Rang De Basanti' song goes

' Jo ban sake tu humsafar mera, Nazar mila zara'. Think.

Anna Hazare's cause, I know , is a noble one, but are we good enough to voice it, is what I ask.Do you deserve to fight for it? or do you, at the very least , even desreve all that virtual applause on a social networking site?

Have you done anything worth?At all?

When, once, you dont bribe that cop, let me know , I shall respect you. and Listen.


Will you or Will you not
Sing a song Along
With lines of Pity and Pain
Paint lighthouses that mourn
Dead waves against a rock

Will you now, dance with me
In Memories of a candle lit hall
Till the night grows old
and Owls come stare
At a romance long gone

Will you come, to laugh and mock
At the moon I gave you
And be torn by wolves seeking revenge
for the stolen white orb
Of dreams, that made them howl

Will you come now, again
to Come fill Reason into lines
These that the world will find Insane
Unless you smile and kill me again
Will you come, Sweet maiden mine.

Don't you come now
Now in love with the fray
I'll let myself walk away
Holding cold winter Nights
That befriend longer than Summer Light.