Mark Zuckerberg created facebook, Facebook created Farmville ,Farmville made Easter eggs,but i never got them :(

Youngistaan is definitely into Everything.From Politics to Reality tv.From Sports to Movies.From Indian premier league to the English premier League.

But one thing Almost every urban Youngistaani is onto.......Social Networking.

Facebook now gets you a)friend of the day b)lover of the day c)kisser of the day..... in the SAME day..That is Rapid progress,people!!Rapid.But the best part is...All of them are different people!!!
(This guy ended up kissing another guy called Ankit Bishwakarta :D)

Awesome huh!??Errr...umm...What about Stupid???Lame???No??

And then there are other applications.....'Hug me' 'Kiss me' 'Do me' etc...
The 'Comments' section can also be quite funny....Let me show you how..

Bavya adipo: Football!!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmmm

Zaib Slergoll:i like it bolke na bhavvu???..hehe
Bavya Adipo:hahahah ya zaibu.... but football is the only game wer ball is kicked rite ;)
Anant Kumaran:sometimes even da player falls while kickin it..............:P
Bavya Adipo:huh here comes the fact hahahhaha really good @ anand
Zaib Slergoll:hehehe ul kich me bhavvu?this much nly?
Bavya Adipo:no zaibu y il kick u re....gone mad....somethins r compared wid football zaibu
ZaibSlergoll:ohh lol..!!is it? like wat?
Anant Kumaran :even i am a lover of football..........i love manU.......THAT TOO ROONEY AND RONALDHO
Zaib Slergoll:haha itz ronaldo* hehe
Bavya Adipo:lol u guys.....
Anant Kumaran spellin mistake..lite le yaar
Zaib Slergoll:yess..!! :-)
Bavya Adipo:i wonder wat must be the plight of that ball after kickin it soo hurts dat ball alot i guess ;)
Please do savour every line...!

*Names Changed
(If any one of the above guys ever read this...My defence:I just couldn't help it :D)

Again,Youngistaan ka WOW!!

1)Now,If anyone at all can make sense out of this,I'll give half my fortune....A banana!!
2)And for all those people who chat their weight off..For Christ's Sakes, 'LOL' is not a word!!
Now,for the Youngistaan that DOES matters,I realise that there many many people out there who try and make the best possible use of the internet.

Blogging,Reading,Inventing,Aspiring,Inspiring (and Downloading.... :D)

I say this because our computers are a whole new world now,there are some who realise that this world can in some ways very effortlessly create a better world outside.

Its actually pretty cool to know that something I'd write can actually change an opinion,or atleast make people think.And i've always maintained that all we need to build a better world is to 'Think'.

.....And that better world can definitely come from Youngistaan!!

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