The Laugh

She was doing it .She does that all the time...All the time.

She was laughing ,and every inch of my wasted heart wanted to sing to her,to tell her that i loved her.But i wouldnt.I swore to god that i'd not tell her that.

I did not tell her that i loved her when she left...

I searched for the needle.I had one,I had one all the time.I wouldnt ever be tricked by her again.Not when i am conscious.Not when my brain was still thinking.The Needle would save me .
The strap felt tighter.The arm was swelling, it was going blue and dried blood was waiting to be punctured .But Heroin is better than her.Less painful and faster.And it helps me tell her i Wait and Want,like a new born child....

The hall was lighted by a thousand candles.She was in my arms,swaying.Music and Magic intertwined with Love and Lust.I held her tighter still.Till i could feel every part of her,Touching,Teasing,Inviting.I could hear my heart pump a longing through my veins.A longing that drove intense heat all through my body,down to my toes and up to my fingers.It felt like her eyes were the only truthful things,that an only perfect World lay somewhere in them.Everything else was just an illusion,False.We kissed and the candles went out.

I was chasing her.And she was laughing.No,maybe i was laughing,maybe we both were.I caught her,there were marigolds all around us.And she was flying along with the butter flies .I was just looking at her.She seemed to have become an angel.She had a halo.A big golden halo....
She looked at me with that question again. I looked at her and i smiled.The garden was gone now,wind from the seas were singing about mermaids and dead love.I wanted to lie down on the sand with her,but she said she had to go.She said she wasn't mine now.She looked at me with that question again,smiling the saddest smile any god has ever witnessed.
And the room was full of them.Mirrors.And each of them was staring at me with the same question.

'I love you' i said to her Laughter again...and she stopped.


Happy New Year People!!

And i know its bite me!


  1. Wow! Awesome, Awesome and Awesome..
    What is special about your language is that i could feel the entire thing happen before my eyes!

    Great work.! Keep writing.

  2. awesome man!!!!!!!
    just wow...

  3. very nice....n especially the part "i was chasing her.and she was,maybe i was laughing,maybe we both were..".....totally loved it..!!!...simple yet classy!!!:)

  4. ya its great thing u have expreesed in your words

  5. i loved it...every expn...

    ur helpless ness.... awesome.. ur best post til date

  6. this is awesome dude....!!!my my my!!!!....hey do criticize my first thing in my blog too...might look hugely amateur...!!