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A Fool is someone who thinks they know better,and at this instant there are roughly about 6.5 billion on this planet.

The reason for me to say that is that I see the elements physical world and our minds conspiring against us.Almost all the Time...

Examples for the curious…

I was in the third standard when I was made a fool by my teacher.He had taught me the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’.Being the patriotic kid I was,I was quite proud of my country….and my teacher. Sheesh!!

If I am ever again to write a third grade test asking me to elaborate ‘Unity in Diversity’…I’d just say the phrase was a very sad prank.

Today,its just not these three words who try to laugh at my face.Its my Education itself.Robin williams once said that the entire point of Education was Free thinking.No wonder he was one of the funniest actors.

This phenomenon is probably where the laughter is the hardest.No matter how you look at it,You were a classic.
I was Sixteen years old when I thought I fell in love…And I wrote a poem….And now,I Laugh.I was the perfect fool…And I’m guessing,so were you ,once.

Being made a fool my time is something you cannot avoid,something that you cannot change,something you just cant help.Its a genie,but sometimes it just doesn’t like you.
The important part is that you have to remember to laugh along with the genie.That even though you are not alladin,You do have the honest monkey and the talking parrot as your best friends,and a princess(with an excellent fashion sense)as your lover.

You better be fooled by him,or you’ll find it hard to live.Cause when he said that the dawn would rise after the darkest hour,he didn’t mean he’ll shed light on a treasure chest.But the fact remains that its always nice to hope.

God also has a brother.His names Religion.And by the looks of it,he’s a real poltergeist.

This is the most dangerous of all.For once you are tricked by power,you lose yourself.

So I guess it just means that we’d gotta play by ,welcome and be wary of some who try to fool us.I do not deny that there are ocassional instances when all of them come into play together,In that case I’d just have to call you Tiger woods and tell you that you’re screwed.

Happy April fool's people!!

A fool I was,a fool will be
Till I find light and fight what I see
A fool shall fall,A fool shall bleed
The fool I see,in all of me

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  1. nice points, modern religion might as well have been an evil cousin then

    Read Up mine: Murali - Fool

  2. Religion fools us in the name of spirituality...
    and so others in the shades of camouflage.
    foolishness is one of the prerogative of the nature's identity which appears to be wise because we interpret the things in a human way than in an universal way.

  3. yes,we do interpret things in a human way...thats what makes us humans....if we do interpret things perfectly and learn everything there is...we'd be gods...

    and yes,religion does sadly fool us in the name of spirituality..even though they're poles apart..

  4. Good points... We hardly care about our inner soul. Fooling around has been the order of the day and the best example is to 'pretend that I know all'.
    Keep the spark alive..
    Cheers Life

  5. Hmm.. people will try to fool us.. it needs courage for not trying to fool others.. spirituality is all about it I think :)

  6. Yes Rahul,your examples touched the point deeply..whether its about religion or time...they were really good..
    All the best for BAT 9

  7. Jayanta,aativas thank you

    geeta-real glad you like it..thank you

  8. nice! All the best for BAT!


  9. As they say, fools think themselves to be wise men but wise men know themselves to be fool. You have shown the wisdom to realize your a fool. Nice analysis.

    Also thanks for reading my post and commenting. I am glad you liked it.