Gaana Aaye ya na Aaye Gaana Chahiye!!

If i Win the 'Blogger of the month' I Swear,I'll go have a bath!!

*Bows down

'Youngistaan'...I liked the term.It goes well with our country.Young Minds,Better Aspirations, Greater Visions and an Aerated drink!!Its awesome!!(Its us!)Its not sad if we think more about who Sania Mirza is gonna marry that about the 'Right to Education'.Definitely not sad if we do know who katreena kaif is NOT dating but have no clue as to who our Vice president is.So what??We're still youngistan!!

I do not want to talk Social today.I need to be a lot more sober for that :).So today,I'm talking Bollywood

Movies,Songs and Sheer Awesomeness (*Cough)

Song :Title track.

When i saw the movie,i knew what a production house would do of left over money.They make a ghost,an almost vulgar looking heroine and a really lousy actor...Oh wait,they also make the ghost sit on the actor's shoulder for the rest of his life(Do watch)

But what left me rolling on the floor laughing,was the title track.

Line 1:',click,click...'

LIne 2:Click....Click..Click,Click,Click..'

Line 3:Click....Click..Click,Click,Click...'

'WOW'!!!No wait...
'Youngistaan ka WOW'!

Song:Chiggy wiggy...and yes,the Title track.

Plainly, this was the most boring under water treasure hunt ever to be witnessed in all of human history.I was bored,and so were the sharks!!I wanted to know how much money fell into the sea...and so i asked yahoo.The best answer was..

"it sure to be in crores only.What with so many heavy wieghts acting in the film....It has to be 'heavy'..LOL'...."

The song starts with kylie minogue and she knows what she's doing.Almost an Aphrodisiac..

Akki bhai comes on and ruins everything.(*gropes his hair)Everything!!!I swear to god i almost cried when they said "It's Rehman".Yes,they did a punjabi with Snoop dogg.But minogue!!???

Akshay:Khatun ki khidmatmain khiladi ki hai kwaish
Katil ye aadayein katilana ye numaish

Kylie :I wanna Chiggy Wiggy with you boy

Just chiggy wiggy with you

Akshay :Tera husn rehamat ya ghazab

Tera ishq ibadat ya khata

Kylie :I wanna Chiggy Wiggy with you Boy

I wanna chiggy Wiggy with you Boy

Akshay :Tukahe tho yere sang Zindagi....

Now,I dont know about you guys but to me, Akshay clearly seems a little desperate.All kylie is asking is for a 'Chiggy Wiggy'...Why the hell is Promising her a life?!!!Reports tell us that Kylie got real scared and ran away..

"Just Chiggy,God damn it!!just chiggy wiggy!All I ever wanted was a chiggy wiggy"Says kylie.

The Title track just has a bunch of seemingly irrelevent lines ending with 'BULUEEE...'(Did not bother to check)

Youngistaan ka WOW!

Song:Title track.
I honestly cant say much about the movie.Not when the script has got the word 'Luck'...for about a hundred miliion times!!

A set of Sanjay's Dailogues from the movie

1)Chalo aaj mera luck aazma the hain.

2)Chalo aaj thumara luck aazma the hain.

3)chalo aaj humara luck aazma the hain.

The song Goes something like'aazma luck aazma'(bout 10 times in 12 lines)And some english lyrics.And then,I slept. :

There are a couple of other songs I'd like to mention...There's this one where the actors seem to in a very serious debate..One of them goes'Pyar impossible' ,The other says'It's possible hai yar'......"pyar impossible" , "Its possible hai yar"...."pyar impossible" , "its possible hai yar"......And they live happily ever after.And there's this one which hasnt bothered with words at all!!All you can hear is "peee pe pe pe, pe pe pe peee' Until you finally go deaf and smile at the beautiful privilage called Silence.Oh, the video's got Shahid kapoor acting Rabid(Almost)

Youngistaan ka WOW!

Shouldn't there be censor board to filter boredom???!!Youngistaan wants better!!

I cant deny the fact that one's in about an era,a legendary movie is born is bollywood.Movies like Rang de Basanti,Swades...Movies that make us want to be a part of the world they show .That Inspire,Instigate,Raise questions and Gift answers.There are songs in hindi cinema that i can listen to for a million times and ponder over for an other miliion..I cant say no to that either.

Any song from 'Rang de' can have me marvel at the lyrics...

"Abhi abhi hua yakeen,ki aag hai,

mujh main kahi

hui subha,main chal gaya

suraj ko main,nigal gaya"

Now,that's Rehman :D


  1. words to describe...
    super duper cool....:)

  2. Amazing rahul u keep getting better just keep it crisp and short not like bollywood lol anyway loved ur work rahul always have :))

  3. wow!! amazingly funny ...
    Too good man,too good!! I'd be damned if u didn't win... AWESOME!!

  4. hehe.. good one.. was thoroughly annoyed with BLUE !! Went with a lot of hopes for that movie

    And hey, did u know CLICK is the Hindi Version of a Korean/Japanese movie named SHUTTER.. it was comparatively better

  5. hey,thank you all..

    yea,i did hear that click has an original,better version...dint know nothing more about it though...

  6. Amazing stuff! Had me rotfl!!! I agree with the RDB part also..awesome lyrics there!