Blue Moon Eclipse

The wind,the mare and the passing tree
whisper strange tales to me
of a night that comes and tickles the moss
and a firefly's love,to secrets untold

The room i sleep,that stands alone
sings to the thirsty skies,above
'throw in some light through the window
i'll muster up some dust
my love,lets cough up a rainbow'

Through twists and turns, my dark deeds flow
like a rampant river would
until they find,they miss their home
and the waiting sea is cold

Wars and rebels that i stumbled upon
are wars that bleed me still
but kings would die,and gods recall
that history would flicker between dead names

let me be the wind,one day
let me be the play
and when the light is hidden tonight
let me be the blue moon eclipse


  1. I like your gentle sway of words... it just captivates the reader's imagination.

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