Do not be stuck at the
uncertainty of who you are.
Revel in it,
play as wildly as the light does
when it splits into the million colours
and let all your hues be as definite as each of them
Ask the question
Enter the prism
Come out a rainbow.

The Truth

There is an emptiness inside you
ever looming like a shadow behind
don't fight it, don't run away
and whatever you do
don't ignore it
let it take you and tear you into peices
swallow you whole
merge with your heart and soul
listen to it, it is you
it is what you want to be
beneath your skin, in your bones
let it take you places
allow it to seek your quests
let it dip you into darkness
again and again and again
until you shine
like the brightest of nights

There is an emptiness inside you
embrace it
that is the only you can ever fill the void