The cold seeped in,and the angst fell away..

When you walk a long straight road in a storm,with a friend to taste the rain with,and thunders to be shouted upon by,You'll feel god smiling at you from under the street lamp.

'This is Purity'-A Bohemian.

That was Purity.

The Rain Tasted Sweet,better than almost anything I ever drank down.It wasnt a thirst quenched.It wasn't what life usually offers you when you strive real hard to offer something back.It wasn't just Contentment,wasn't more.Could never have been measured.Happiness.

It was time wanting to see me smile and space trying to join in.An Entire Universe felt in drops.Drops that followed and joined.Lived and Dreamt.Conquered and Knelt.

Paranoia washed down the slopes.Gravity,finally seemed to have worked.

The water gave away when i put my feet down.I shaped it.I Splashed it around.I made waves and drowned entire worlds,Worlds that made Survival feel like an Irony.Worlds with stiffling days and freezing nights.Worlds without long roads to walk by in a storm.

I wanted it to go on.Because i knew I would never be back..


  1. The storm seems much less of an annoyance now...

    Great post! Happiness aint that bad also..

  2. u know how to combine magic with words....niceee!

  3. Wow ....Man ur talented .....
    This is for u
    I'm just one of ur admirers
    And you'll meet others along the way
    Whose life you'll touch in a manner,
    More than words can say!