Take back the City!

One long bus ride, i guess is all you need to realise a post about your city,would be perfect...!
Hyderabad-princely state people!!or maybe it once was...i don't think osman ali khan would have been too sad to let it go if he had lived another 40 years,or maybe it wasn't that 'princely' a state ever...

Prides-The city was mughal,and that part of it never changed.Never will, i think.
The Golconda fort(Never been there,cant tell you much)
The Charminar-(people here are very proud of it,guess they ought to be).Definitely a sad place.I'd rather have the fish fries there.'CAN DEFINE NEGLECTED'
The Salarjung museum-History,names,dates,famous people,famous paintings of famous people, their famous clothes,famous beds,famous pens,famous inks and so on.But yes, a lot to know,loads to understand and is full of boredom.'DEFINITELY A MUSEUM'
Hi tech city-Google,computers and fantastic buildings. 'CYBERBAD!!!'
and the new air port....this ones real sweet people!!

People-People here are just like they are everywhere else.They love T.V and hate sense.They stay up late nights only for exams or day night cricket matches,nothing else.And they love their home.They'll love you if you are one of them.They'll leave you alone if you are not.They'll kill you if you swear at them.

They aint good,they aint bad.They just people and most of them are lazy.or maybe lazy and determined.lazily determined...and so is the city.

The food-Hyderabadi chicken Biriyanis,fish fries,mutton chops(3 things you'll need to survive)'FINGER LICKIN GOOD!!'
Irani chai(i heard its nice,not much into teas n stuff)
The spirit-Sweet,Sad and extremely contagious.'ITS A CITY!!'
The place is something like host to a parasite.Millions of them!!(the people)and they prosper belligerently.

Substance-The twin cities,they confound us with very deceptive differences.Hyderabad is known for the grandeur and royalty and stupid funny hindi while sec bad is more like a cozy housing complex with a slightly better accent.But i think they share a common heart(just that the limbs aren't a team.)The place can turn out to be an absolute paradise for anyone,coz its got a huge range of everything.(from VIP lounges to slums,from bars to 'strictly' veg.restaurants,from people to gods...)

Character- I was sitting in this 'HUDA' park(they are common around here,not as much as 'HOT CHIPS' though) the other day, and i almost laughed out loud.

The sweet old place was lying to the people,to itself. It said "clean hyderabad,green hyderabad" and right there on the board was the result of some idiot not finding a spitoon."green hyd,clean hyd", was so sickeningly red now.The water was sparkling green as well.Sewage,garbage,pee,animal faeces,human faeces and a lot more i think.Trust me guys, this park was as green as it could get!!Almost every other place in hyd is like this park-Exasperatingly bad at lying..

Everyone there though,was in love with the place and the evening.Happy People,Dirty birds,Dead fish,Everyone!!

It was like they knew this place,accepted it and rejoiced in it. So i think its like this place which tells lies,lures people and then makes them love it.The traffic,the honks,the roads,the dirt,the smugness,the green water,the people....Anyone not from hyd would hate the place but everyone from hyd would love it(me be one,ma'am!).'BEWITCHING'

That evening, was spent in blissful laziness.


  1. its ok...but u cud do better....not upto the usual standard..

  2. well thats the city we live.. but i bet its much better than few other cities i ve visited..

  3. Lazily wonderfooooooool................Loved the post!!!!!!!!!!!