13/01/09 : Swearing is fun

NOT FOR WEAK HEARTED LADIEjj....(As for bhai log,if you weak hearted,god help ya!!)

'Madarchod!maiya ke laude!upar dekhke gadi chalara be tu??Gand phodtum teri idhar aaa......'He went on for a little time actually,this guy driving the bike was hit by an auto.There was no apparent damage to him or the bike but he went on....The auto guy 'bein ke!! tereko puchke chlana ab main gaadi?tera baap banaya road be?.....'

It was fun,the 30 second show this people put on.I looked on from a bus and for that 30 secs ,forgot to swear at the traffic n the smoke n the honks!...I think those guys wont even remember each other in a tea shop tomorrow and that they have nothing against the other.I guess its just for fun,even for them.

I don't swear much and i don't swear less either(just like you keep doing other fun stuff, but take a break so that it still remains a fun thing).I think there are just a few ways its not fun..
a)when the other person doesn't like it
b)when you swear like a pussy.(you go on chanting swears without a break as though the break might just give you away..*that's hilarious and sad at the same time!)

Otherwise 'All curse is good curse'...(choot ke bhoot!laude ke baal!!gand mara!*some of my personal favorites*)

Girls who think i must be banned , i warned ya!
boys ....thank you !!

A Friend

Let me ask you guys 'WHO is a friend?'
a)someone you are not so sure about but the time you have with them is the best!
b)someone you trust,someone you know will choose and wish the best for you.
c)someone who talks to you about everything,someone who insists YOU are a friend.
d)someone who makes you think and who knows what you are,what you thinking,ALWAYS.
e)(yes it has 'e' too) some one you can talk to about anything.
f)i don't know.

Right now, i think i'll say(after all those years and so many sworn friends!!)i actually dont know who my friend is.Ever since i started thinkin about this I've had different answers.In fact i've arranged those different answers in the chronological order in those options.I guess you can say that you've got friends of each of the kinds.Then,i'll just ask you "who's the best?Even if some are lucky enough to find all these in one single person , I guess,as time goes on ....the list of options will grow too.
A friend told me that a very impressive person said to him 'You don't have friends until your education gets complete,no one will turn up when you need them'. I guess he wanted to say 'Now is not the time to go loafing around with friends',And my friend did not seem angry, frustrated or surprised by the statement,rather calm actually.I guess he must have been thinkin about who his friends were too..You think and let me know if you come up with an answer.Its hard...real hard.

Bad bad boy

No!no!no! I am not the "i'll kidnap your kid if you cane me ma'am" kinda bad.I am just saying that m jus a normal sadistic kid who is secretly glad if he scores more than his friends do(happens on rare occasions)the boy who gets angry at got coz he thinks he deserves much better than his buddies do.Yea i do get sad bout it sometimes.Its sad that my best friend scores a sweet lookin girl and looses his virginity way before i do!!it is!!Its sad that i am stuck being so thin that they said they'd fly ME this sankranthi,that I use one liners by my friends to impress someone(not always though),that i use the same lines again with different girls.I totally agree to all that. i do!! And i think almost everyone does them too.Think about your friend takin up your line and his girlfriend laughing on for hours on that....I can so assure you that you'll smile,n think (that bastard!)

All i ask people to do is to stop passing judgements upon people you know little or nothing about* a lesson i learned recent and late.You can be just as bitchy as dear old Rakhi.S or lookin just as sad as the 1980 maruti with neons underneath....trust me...

'Wats in a name!?'

When i first thought i'd write in this personal public diary thingy that the virtual world was offering me, i spent a lot of time thinkin about the name...i did create one before this...n i named it 'black rain'(god!i must 've been drunk!)It was a little later that i realised that this name could define 'Wannabe'.And i dont like wannabe...n then i thought i'd be honest,play safe and smart....n i came up with 'curious for life' n on that my sister laughed a lot....n then i came up with 'intelligent stupidness' and i thought oxymorons come under the 1970 style catalouge.I really was getting nowhere with it.n then it hit me! the thing that truly shows what i am ,that shows the whole picture of me,the head,the toes,the teeth,the ass ,the everything was my name.I mean it is all in the name, for me my name is the only thing that describes me as a whole. N that makes me think(as i believe that everyones different),that maybe,my name is my adjective for life.Nothing less than 'he is sooooo rahul' could ever completely describe me.

And so i thought this personal public diary(the virtual me)has got to have my name on it...
I think i'd like to start with a story actually...there was a boy(a kid)first grade i guess,who found that he had wetted his bed at night...he'd been dreaming that he was taking a piss(damn!it always makes him do that!)it was at around 3 in the morning when the wetness woke him up.he stared...he could already imagine the shame when his parents would find out.shame!shame!puppy shame(if anyone else did)it was sad....he thought for sometime,crept quietly into the only bedroom(he slept in the hall),smuggled out the iron(or iron box) and set to work...It was his first time and he was really scared of that hot big thing...but he did it...He ironed his piss right off the bedspread!!n then his trousers...he was gettin back to arranging the bed when he found the mattress wet too...fixing that was simple.he just had to overturn the mattress to the other side n no one would ever know.It wasnt that simple though.the mattress heavy,him small,but he did it alrite..panting n too young to swear, he overturned the mattress.he crept back to the bedroom,placed the iron back n started to go sleep..It was 3 45.not bad!n he must have grinned to himself.He noticed after sometime that the bedspread smelled...bad...he did the only thing he could think of..he spread VICKS on it,the whole part n slept like a log... or a dog(they sleep well too)
Anyways the next day,his mom just thought that the bedspread smelled funny.He was always unsure about what his mother must have guessed but he made sure that shame did not appear...
years passed and he grew,the cleverness grew too(i'd like to think) n the shame must have been nurtured into ego...I was that little kid..Rahul.J.nair(you can say i brag about this,infact i like to)