In good old times, I used to not work as much.

The office is killing me again , feeding me to people, google and immense boredom, and while the whole world seems to enjoy gauding on a bearded man's death, I am trying to write funny whilst wondering wether I can dig my nose and be let off. The sneeze would be worth it.

Meanwhile, life continues to teach me newer things.Things that tell me that the rain god and the traffic god are the best of friends, inseperable.That you do not go near an elephant and make loud noises and that drama in the movies means much more that they ever can out of the 21 inch screen.

I mean, A hill top beer date or a letter could actually mean very little for people who swear by romance.The simple fact is, drama ceases to exist in the world that follows physics.Even if you download her favourite song and make your phone sing it while the beer happens.

I agree to the possibility that drama might not come to those who'd want to go out with four girls at one time, more so if the girls know it.But you simply cannot deny the fact that background music and a mosquito free hill serve a good purpose.

It Never ever comes to those thought to be kids. Drama, like marriage, seems to happen only to the old and stupid enough.

And when the Universe talks to me , I should share

1)People who are trying to count the number of Vegetarians and Meat eaters on facebook are on a truly noble mission.They make people like me feel good about ourselves.
2)If you are a thin person, you should really not call a fat person fat.

3)If you are one of those people who work at a Public Relation firm, you are probably really bad at everything else.And this too.

4)I am a kid.I am Calvin.

For all those who think that means I'm not mature enough for a human.Up Yours.

And for the rest of you who were bored enough to read.Much Obliged.

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  1. ur welcome its nice rahul but it did put me to sleep :P