Just like every other loyal Indian this moment who is sad about the bomb blasts, I use the Social Networking platform to express empathy and blame our government for it!


The Nation of the Mahatma, has finally awakened,again. So for the next few weeks we are all going to change our face book statuses to 'Lets hang Kasab!'.


I agree, that the guy deserves hell, he came into my country and he killed my people, he deserves hell, yes. I also agree that we do not send out strong signals as a country when we seem to have done nothing but feed him for quite some time now.
But then, I have to ask you this , How are you sure killing Kasab would have in any way better-ed what happened?
I may be a little too harsh when I say this, but it just sounds like we just want to kill someone, cause we could not save the ones we loved.Someone bad, yes, but point here is that we want to kill.Isn't that what he did?

I had heard this term somewhere,'Evolved Response'. What would that be?

And for all those people who have started writing letters to Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and all of those who were supposed to have saved us, I ask, 'Did you Vote?'
And for those who cannot understand the relevance, you really do not deserve to.

I friend recently quoted "His head is purely for cosmetic reasons". I'd agree to this If he'd have pointed at most of us.

Before I go on and lose reason for this post, what I am trying to tell you or thinking about is that, wouldn't it be a better world if all of us did what we could have?
Know,Educate, Create and Think.

Shouldn't India Help India?

Basic, right?I believe this means a better world for tomorrow.Give it a try?

You might say I have lost my mind, that I am living in a fantasy world with no sense of actuality, some of you might also think that I am not a good enough citizen. I cannot in any way, prove to you that I care.Sorry.

On a lighter note, lets do the news

1)This has been the longest I have attended the gym without a break.Two days!
2)Idiopathic is not Idiot+ Pathic
3)The real reason for the mirrors in the gym are so that you can laugh at all those expressions you make while lifting Weights.
4)We won a football game! (The captain let me play for two minutes)
5)I have to pass time, I be back to blogging again!

Breaking News(The ones that really matter)

1)Indira Gandhi once mistook 'Haathi' for 'Haath'.
2)Eva Longoria is doing a Lesbian love making scene.
3)Any girl I want to ask out would never say yes if she'd notice my nose.

Thank you for the read people. You guys have been really good .And Jobless :D

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  1. hahaha.. what an ending man. :) :) :) are you an astrologer by any chance? (Thank you for the read people. You guys have been really good .And Jobless :D)