The Best?

The one sad thing about being Inspired is the need for approval.

The reason , I realise, did not have anything to do with not being good enough, but that it was not good enough for someone else.If you think about it, I guess you'll find it quite stupid a reason too.For someone who was proud of the fact that they think on their own , the want for acknowledgement can become a thing of shame.It has now.

I do understand that a genius wants all his work to be the best there was, and the fact that everyone aspires to be one.The one thing though, that I don't think is justified is not applying that genious , becuase you think it not to be the best. Today's world can use a one or two of the 'Almost Geniuses'

Changing opinions is a great responsibilty, and in a perfect world , they always change for the better.Fortunately,we don't live in one. And hence, should not shirk from trying .

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  1. Its true. People. like me, always put i the bestest of efforts and gets excited at the quality of the produce that when people just ignore it, feels down-heartened. The "Others" may put it on the road to the competitive world, but I personally feel, there are many other better ways, than just "ignoring".