I, Different

I have seen your world, your Justices and more

let mine be different

for as clever and strong

your truths may seem

they are all but lines to me

Some tested, some not yet learnt.

I've lived my life

and I shall live

the way I chose to breath

and as you find me

weak and dull, I bid you well

and ask you to leave

My centre is me.

For you can say that I was right

you can say that I'll be wrong

that I was bad or high or low

but never do think

I'll let you stand

Judge for me to be

I shall make my own mistakes

Even as I see you frown

As long as I fight, As long as I'll sheild

I'll feel some truths and etch some lies

and you,sadly

will be there and still not see

that I was strong,but

weaker than you think

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  1. "My centre is me"

    i loved this piece. nice blog. :)