Will you or Will you not
Sing a song Along
With lines of Pity and Pain
Paint lighthouses that mourn
Dead waves against a rock

Will you now, dance with me
In Memories of a candle lit hall
Till the night grows old
and Owls come stare
At a romance long gone

Will you come, to laugh and mock
At the moon I gave you
And be torn by wolves seeking revenge
for the stolen white orb
Of dreams, that made them howl

Will you come now, again
to Come fill Reason into lines
These that the world will find Insane
Unless you smile and kill me again
Will you come, Sweet maiden mine.

Don't you come now
Now in love with the fray
I'll let myself walk away
Holding cold winter Nights
That befriend longer than Summer Light.


  1. you remind me of browning.except that he killed his maiden beloved.@_@

  2. :) nice!! seriously!

  3. hii

    Very honestly speaking, I LOVED this poem of urs... very deep and emotional...

    keep writing!!