'Wats in a name!?'

When i first thought i'd write in this personal public diary thingy that the virtual world was offering me, i spent a lot of time thinkin about the name...i did create one before this...n i named it 'black rain'(god!i must 've been drunk!)It was a little later that i realised that this name could define 'Wannabe'.And i dont like wannabe...n then i thought i'd be honest,play safe and smart....n i came up with 'curious for life' n on that my sister laughed a lot....n then i came up with 'intelligent stupidness' and i thought oxymorons come under the 1970 style catalouge.I really was getting nowhere with it.n then it hit me! the thing that truly shows what i am ,that shows the whole picture of me,the head,the toes,the teeth,the ass ,the everything was my name.I mean it is all in the name, for me my name is the only thing that describes me as a whole. N that makes me think(as i believe that everyones different),that maybe,my name is my adjective for life.Nothing less than 'he is sooooo rahul' could ever completely describe me.

And so i thought this personal public diary(the virtual me)has got to have my name on it...

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