I think i'd like to start with a story actually...there was a boy(a kid)first grade i guess,who found that he had wetted his bed at night...he'd been dreaming that he was taking a piss(damn!it always makes him do that!)it was at around 3 in the morning when the wetness woke him up.he stared...he could already imagine the shame when his parents would find out.shame!shame!puppy shame(if anyone else did)it was sad....he thought for sometime,crept quietly into the only bedroom(he slept in the hall),smuggled out the iron(or iron box) and set to work...It was his first time and he was really scared of that hot big thing...but he did it...He ironed his piss right off the bedspread!!n then his trousers...he was gettin back to arranging the bed when he found the mattress wet too...fixing that was simple.he just had to overturn the mattress to the other side n no one would ever know.It wasnt that simple though.the mattress heavy,him small,but he did it alrite..panting n too young to swear, he overturned the mattress.he crept back to the bedroom,placed the iron back n started to go sleep..It was 3 45.not bad!n he must have grinned to himself.He noticed after sometime that the bedspread smelled...bad...he did the only thing he could think of..he spread VICKS on it,the whole part n slept like a log... or a dog(they sleep well too)
Anyways the next day,his mom just thought that the bedspread smelled funny.He was always unsure about what his mother must have guessed but he made sure that shame did not appear...
years passed and he grew,the cleverness grew too(i'd like to think) n the shame must have been nurtured into ego...I was that little kid..Rahul.J.nair(you can say i brag about this,infact i like to)

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