13/01/09 : Swearing is fun

NOT FOR WEAK HEARTED LADIEjj....(As for bhai log,if you weak hearted,god help ya!!)

'Madarchod!maiya ke laude!upar dekhke gadi chalara be tu??Gand phodtum teri idhar aaa......'He went on for a little time actually,this guy driving the bike was hit by an auto.There was no apparent damage to him or the bike but he went on....The auto guy 'bein ke!! tereko puchke chlana ab main gaadi?tera baap banaya road be?.....'

It was fun,the 30 second show this people put on.I looked on from a bus and for that 30 secs ,forgot to swear at the traffic n the smoke n the honks!...I think those guys wont even remember each other in a tea shop tomorrow and that they have nothing against the other.I guess its just for fun,even for them.

I don't swear much and i don't swear less either(just like you keep doing other fun stuff, but take a break so that it still remains a fun thing).I think there are just a few ways its not fun..
a)when the other person doesn't like it
b)when you swear like a pussy.(you go on chanting swears without a break as though the break might just give you away..*that's hilarious and sad at the same time!)

Otherwise 'All curse is good curse'...(choot ke bhoot!laude ke baal!!gand mara!*some of my personal favorites*)

Girls who think i must be banned , i warned ya!
boys ....thank you !!

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  1. hehehehe :P... wonder why no ocmments??

    boys.... live not to impres others [;)]