A Friend

Let me ask you guys 'WHO is a friend?'
a)someone you are not so sure about but the time you have with them is the best!
b)someone you trust,someone you know will choose and wish the best for you.
c)someone who talks to you about everything,someone who insists YOU are a friend.
d)someone who makes you think and who knows what you are,what you thinking,ALWAYS.
e)(yes it has 'e' too) some one you can talk to about anything.
f)i don't know.

Right now, i think i'll say(after all those years and so many sworn friends!!)i actually dont know who my friend is.Ever since i started thinkin about this I've had different answers.In fact i've arranged those different answers in the chronological order in those options.I guess you can say that you've got friends of each of the kinds.Then,i'll just ask you "who's the best?Even if some are lucky enough to find all these in one single person , I guess,as time goes on ....the list of options will grow too.
A friend told me that a very impressive person said to him 'You don't have friends until your education gets complete,no one will turn up when you need them'. I guess he wanted to say 'Now is not the time to go loafing around with friends',And my friend did not seem angry, frustrated or surprised by the statement,rather calm actually.I guess he must have been thinkin about who his friends were too..You think and let me know if you come up with an answer.Its hard...real hard.

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