Bad bad boy

No!no!no! I am not the "i'll kidnap your kid if you cane me ma'am" kinda bad.I am just saying that m jus a normal sadistic kid who is secretly glad if he scores more than his friends do(happens on rare occasions)the boy who gets angry at got coz he thinks he deserves much better than his buddies do.Yea i do get sad bout it sometimes.Its sad that my best friend scores a sweet lookin girl and looses his virginity way before i do!!it is!!Its sad that i am stuck being so thin that they said they'd fly ME this sankranthi,that I use one liners by my friends to impress someone(not always though),that i use the same lines again with different girls.I totally agree to all that. i do!! And i think almost everyone does them too.Think about your friend takin up your line and his girlfriend laughing on for hours on that....I can so assure you that you'll smile,n think (that bastard!)

All i ask people to do is to stop passing judgements upon people you know little or nothing about* a lesson i learned recent and late.You can be just as bitchy as dear old Rakhi.S or lookin just as sad as the 1980 maruti with neons me...

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