Yearly Gratitude

Thank you yester
year of mine
for the rhythms and the rhyme
that you taught 
patiently caught
awry thoughts and lines

Thank you for the music and the sun
for the stillness and the run
that chased around a restless mind
calmed it, tamed it, set it on fire
and cooled it off again

Thank you for new friends and old
for the wishes and the hugs
for dirt under rugs
drunken dances, funny accents
wishful talks and determined plans
for meetings, separations
Christmas trees and Independence days

Thank you for the thankless jobs
woolen socks, 
ruthless bosses and weekends off
Salesmen Santas in shopping malls

Thank you yester
year of mine
for the very various smiles
heartbreaks and flimsy lies
that you caught
patiently taught
me life.

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