There are a few trips in life that go by too soon. This was one of them.

What do I tell you
About the looking forward, the wait
About a train that comes in late
A war waged among the old and the new
Many and few, at the doors of heaven and hell
On getting in and falling out

What do I tell you
About the taxi, angry at the gluttonous roads
Chewing more than a narrow neck could gulp
At the kerb

What do I tell you about the elevator man
Preaching honesty, deceived by faith
Smiling as he goes up, to floors traveled everyday
onto times of sundown and up, on the beep of a card

What do I tell you
About the laugh you meet
Once in many a years, at the opposite seat
 across a table of love and joy

What do I tell about the trip that I took
to a city that never sleeps, never keeps
the train that comes back again
to leave you at the very place
of the exciting wait

What do I tell you about life
Overwhelming at its best.

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