A Drunk Man at your Service!

Hello to the ladies, Hello my Sirs
Hello to the passing laughing blurs
Hello to the gods, to the priests and the sods
And to the beggars, my friends, and the lot.
A drunk man at your service!
I drank for good today,
and for bad the one before
for sadness on the first of may,
and for victory on the fourth.
A drunk man at your service!
Through the whiskey and the rum,
And the vodka in the some.
I've plunged and plagued
in the bottles, all my plays!
A drunk man at your service!
You can find me on the corner,
all the colorful narrow streets.
You can find me as a dying man,
Or a buried lover's retreat.
You can find me in shiny groups
of the merry and the rue.
or find me in places some
dead, dying and new.
And sometimes in you.
A drunk man at your service!
* A drunk is always in the race to becoming one of the most ugliest and pitiful sights.