The beginning is the toughest, and the beginning is what defines it.

Flute, the youngest
played a melody, played a smile
out himself and me
ran through the woods and
bathed in the sea
unknowing, uncaring 
of what the world was to be
Ignorance sweet

The drum, a young man
thought he had the world by his beat
could play the day in, and slow the night out
had the tune of what there was to be
thumping out of the red summer heat
Zealous will

The violin came next, a gentleman he was
he reasoned,coaxed strong character
out of gentle chords
searched for 
romance, friendship, kindness
to give and to take 
and find an answer to why and was
Unfathomable thoughts

Then came the Veena, gentle and wise
all there was to know, all self denied
a song for the gods, played a reverence divine
played by the shadows, played by the light
she could see and tell
she could feel and smell 
the reasons behind
Wrinkly Wise

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