Forever yours

I am this now, I am the moon
once gazed upon, in the far far space
that we often dreamed about
finding on our flights to
imagined fantasies

I am the little boy now,
gifted sea for the first time
my sea, by the sand
I run on, racing waves to the shore
to happiness

I am the conversation we had
when time had let us free
when we had let it be
this life as we know it
and moved beyond

Can you see me now,
in the hug those strangers share
in the smiles that come unannounced
in the beating heart that scores
a winning goal

I am here, really
I am here to stay
hold onto me, hold onto it all
I am here, always will be
Forever yours,

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  1. i dnt know why i never commented on this,,,but this is beautiful at so many levels....that girl did some good afterall...:)