Dust and Dreams

Dust and Dreams fill my eyes
As i go slow through this road
A weary jacket,with the years grown
While forgotten tryst,smiles a road alone
All alone..

Scorching heat,my wheels have felt
Dry and hard,the winds have been
But friends i've grown, with the desert sand
And the night shall see us drink
To a rose,astrand..

Hate and glare have filled me up
Love and life have cooled me down
And as long i ride,i shall be
The king of heavens and seven seas
All mine,it feels..

Curtains and lives have been run past
Memories and pain and revelations last
but i don't care if i win or lose
The race with an Orange sun
for the new tomorrow.

Dust and dreams in my eyes...


  1. beautiful poem..loved the last line.
    n 2nd para rox too

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  3. Rahul bhai! The blog is simply awesome. Keep it up. :)

    I'll read more often. :)

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