When is the only time you get bored of the wind blowing at your face???

When you spend two out of three days in a train.

The shabari express.Me,Mom,Dad and little Sister.
I cant say I wasnt dissapointed the first i saw them.I was hoping for a couple of cute girls to be besides us,and they turned out to be two freakishly large boys!!Intimidation to the maximum possible extent and self esteem on an all time low.

It felt like the gods were laughin...'HA HA HA ...YOU'RE LITTLE!!!'

Not that they were bad people,jus that i dont think huge people have got much brains.When was the last time you saw a sumo wrestler win the science fair??People that huge...they either run gymnasiums or own mutton shops(near Charminar).And so,they never need brains.I say its evolution.

You cant think???Get rid of the need to.
If boredom was a knife.I was stabbed.

The way back.

Cute girl at the seat opposite....WITH HER DAD!!!!
Cuter girl at the side....alone.
The whole journey in tormenting silence..SILENCE!!!!!


If boredom was a knife...I was having an autopsy.

Yes,i know.The guy really does look a lot like me.