The Splendid Truth

Social networking can get real funny.

The 'Five things you cant live without' coloumn is the funniest.
People write all kinds of things.My mom,My dad,My love,My dog,my ipod.....laptop.
Can make you smile,sometimes.
Can make you want to say 'SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!'

The answer i think,would be the same or at least similar for everyone.
Five things one cant live without:Authority,Attention,Sympathy,Ego and Lies.

I watched this watchman guy chase a couple of kids with a stick.Flailing.It was an abandoned building and I'm pretty sure the kids were just playing hide and seek.Now,you could argue that the guy was just doing his job.That he was a broken 60 year old still dedicated to what he is meant to do.You can....

The way i see it,he was thrashing about like a fish cause,at that instant,he wasn't guarding someone else's property.He was protecting HIS building.His,when his master's not around.His,when he has his packed lunch by the pillar.His,when he takes a leak by the wall.His,when he dreams at night.His,when he plays his own games of hide and seek with the world.He will not allow anyone else to hide there.Just like the kid who discovers the best hiding spot.And he will forever be the only one who seeks in there,for times he knows he can never find.

Its his and he will never allow anyone else to take it.His AUTHORITY.
Each one of us has our own deserted builiding.

I dont think i even need to get started on Attention.Social networking is all about it.From stupid online names to cool orkut tags.From totally personal 'Whats-on-my-mind' to yelling out judgements.From making friends to lighting a cigarette.Almost every single thing we do ,we do it for that one glass of irresistable wine.ATTENTION.

SYMPATHY-When was the last time you felt bad that someone else was feeling bad for you??Every one loves it and that's just it.

EGO-You say you don't have it??You say your pride's not worth the sleepless nights you've had cause the girl dint call you back??(Not because she didn't,but because YOU did)That you don't feel like killing yourself for being so stupid again??That you didn't feel bad to borrow money from that one friend again??That your pride is something you are not proud of??

If not.You're a complete Jackass.Sorry.

LIES-Have you never ever lied??Can you tell me for sure,that you have not lied more that a couple of Hundred times?? or a couple of thousand times??

Everyone needs them.That's a Truth.

These were just small examples.I do hope you get the bigger picture.

You can always say that there are other love and friendship.Like the smell of wet earth,a full moon...

Yes,there are.But I'm not in a mood to write about them :)


  1. Trueee.....

    I do agree....

    but then again.... :)

    we can do away with a couple of things :D

    i think five things we mustnt live with out are:
    innocence, stupidity, smile, being lost on thoughts and ... :)... thats it...

  2. u said it with great authority and really got successful in gaining my attention. I bet u will get no sympathy for this peice of ego-bashing. I am not sorry to write all this lies about ur article..

    carry on..:)

  3. very realistic and interesting to read!

  4. Rational, Transparent and straight forward without any hypocrisy ....
    Liked it in many aspects.
    Who knows may be am commenting here to get ATTENTION.?
    Who knows my comment may be with lies ?