A Long time ago

There were lessons about her he just couldn't get hold of.Lessons he had come to learn but just couldn't find the reason behind. She was a lover,a friend,a mother.Someone who helped explore dimensions he never knew existed in his version of life, love and humanity.

And yet, he couldn't find the logic, and logic was telling him he should slip out.

The laugh was when he sensed perfection for the first time.He hadn't even looked.There was only sound, and it was perfect.He didn't need to look, he knew.
And now, he was looking at her, standing there, sobbing.

She had wanted to talk. She said they had to. It wasn't the right order of things to just fall apart when it was still summer.Autumn, she said, was the real test. The white dress nearly kissed the ground, which seemed to have risen up to love her back. He couldn't help notice the ground looked happy.She was beautiful and sad. An angel in all her grace .

Angel: We need to talk. If you would just let me know.

Man: There is nothing you can help with. I'm tired now.

Angel:Tired of what?Tired is for me to say.

Man: Yes, it is.And I'm waiting for you to say it, but you just will not, will you? I am waiting for you to go away. I'm tired of all the explaining and the needing. I want to be me now, I do not want a part of you.

Angel: And that is what has always been, You have always been you. I just help you stay you.I thought you knew.

Man:You don't understand.You will leave one day. Look down upon me, filled up by my woes and pleasures that you would want to let go of.Soon, it will all be too much for you and you shall fly away.You will want to fly because you can and I can't.

Angel: I don't see why you say that.You don't understand me, never have.I am a much bigger entity than you. Can't you see?

Man:I do.I also see that as the reason you stayed and listened, but even you can't hold all of me. I will spill, and you shall look away with sadness and disgust. An end is inevitable.

Angel:You will miss me, and I you. Please don't do this.It doesn't have to be. I can stay.I want to.

Man: I want you to too, but I need you to leave. I want to be standing,and I won't be if you carry me all the time and fly.I shall fall hard.I want to jump before you get too high.

Angel:Please do not.If you jump now, I'll fall down too. The bruise would show on my fair skin.

Man: I have thought enough, and I see, I am and am not,the center of my Universe.I have to be so,to exist. You come after.

*She doesn't understand.He has to do this.To be.To keep her beautiful in his mind.Always.

If I am already too high
And I die tonight
Come pick me up, Come cry
Tell me that you loved me
Stay by my side
Sing for some time
If I die tonight.


  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of this: http://rishabhakeekavitaen.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-post_7952.html

  2. Awesome Bhai.. i never knew words can also bring my feelings on paper.. u did so.. thanks alot.. some of ur blogs captured my feelings very well.. n thats make me admire ur words more.. thanks again..