It was....

I never thought i'd do it.I never did...All the time that we were walkin,talking,holding hands and convincing each other that this was the best thing that happened to us.

Never,for one minute.No,not even for a second, did i think i'll kill her.

Pretty eyes.Prettiest.I could stare at them all day.I could talk to them ,i could stay in love with them.The voice...sweet voice....

We enjoyed venice.Newyork times said it was the most beautiful city built by man.I think its vegas.
She always told me i had no taste,i replied 'that'd explain you'.And we'd make love on the couch.It was she who dragged me there.Being from venice(los angeles).She always wanted to see the real thing.I cant deny i liked the place.


With its canals,the gondolas ,the small islands...I liked it.I'd say it really was the best place.The second.I remember we were standing on a bridge and she sighed.I later learnt about the Ponte dei Sospiri, the 'bridge of sighs'

She was beautiful,and so was everything else....


  1. aye awesome dude! :)
    is tat all..?kuch aage nahi

  2. suspense hai yar...suspense... :D

  3. nice.....!!!...god m good...mere saath reh ke kisike talents cud improve so much...unbelievable..!!!!..*all hands up n 3 cheers 4 meee....!!;)

  4. please please please tell me you're kiddin.... :P

  5. what was that ?? :O !!