The bus rides really wear me off.and my sweet lil cousin brother had his hostel bout 32 miles from my place...32 long miles!!!

The next part of the post has no relation whatsoever.

One guy sitting next to me was shoutin his head off on a phone.Spittin at it,Grinding his teeth.At the end,he said ...'tu mereko missed call diya'.
If you looked at it one way,it was correct. He must have woke up that morning,yawned stretched,decided if wanted to take a leak and looked up into his awesome new GSM phone, which must have read "Mr. Smartass" with a 'U' pointing upwards saying "Missed call(1)"....

Russel peters once said "we indians are cheap" and i totally agree.I say,we being cheap even changed the language.No longer is a "Missed call" something that we have missed,no longer is it our fault.Its the other persons really is....was it supposed to be???

And since when did 'Tereko SIGHT hai??' actually start meaning that you CANT see prorper...??

I was walking down the street and the book shop said'all books available here'. There wasnt a single book in that shop that wasnt related to the 'JNTU engineering' syllabus.I wanted to yell my ass off .Tell him that books dot mean just pages you try to mug -up!!!I really did...but i reckoned my voice would be lost in the crowd..And so i didnt..

I started thinkin bout stupid things like 'missed calls' and 'sight' and misleading bookshops coz i might just be a stupid person...

But if you are not,try thinkin bout all the un-stupid about how working a day for bout 50 bucks in the tea shop might actually ruin that 5 year old girl.Like about how BASIC education can create a better life,like about how not throwing plastic on the streets might actually help some day,like about how literacy can bring about a civilised world,like about how proud a mother would be if her son could complete high school,like about how stupid you go when you are drunk,like about how wasted your life is when you smoke,like bout how a million whispers can make a noise,like about how we'd be much better off judjing ourselves more than we do others.

Like about how you HAVE to start thinking.Like about how YOU can make a difference...

I mean...32 bloddy miles?!!!!


  1. A really nice way to bring up apoint...sad part is we get stuck here

  2. yup...sad part is that we do...