I walked down a road today
knew i not,what ahead lay
it took me along,sung me a song
with flickering lights along the way...
I walked down a road today

Darkness set in a pleasure new born
Shadows lengthened as lights died out
I looked up,as stars whispered
And trees talked back,
A gentle breeze..
I walked down a road today

Small,cold houses queued up aside
Stories unbound with each little stride
I stopped and gazed
As lizrads ran up their walls
and flies sung love,to a lone lantern...
I walked down a road today

Water reached the end of land,
handsome murk it carried along
Stretched reflections of light shimmered
Calling out my name,
In a daze i jogged,in a dream i fell
Woke up,
And then walked away...
I walked down a road today

As i strutted,on my way back
was cut across by the black fur(ed) Cat
And night witnessed it say,
"It's good luck,today!!"
I laughed aloud,
Until the lights swayed back in
And sang,as i walked back
Into the oblivion....


  1. hmm... good work...
    Great blog theme... keep writing...

  2. "Untitled".. Ithink this work deserve a better title!!

    keep bloggin


  3. nice...i loved the third stanza...